SKS Engineering and Planning, Inc.

The mission statement for SKS Engineering and Planning, Inc. (SKS) - a woman-owned firm established in 1992, is to Bridge the Gap Between Coastal Civil Construction Issues and Environmental Compliance.  The firm has consistently provided expertise to private contractors, shipping ports, and for numerous local and Federal governmental agencies such as the National Park Service, Broward County, USACE, NOAA and Florida DOT, which has served to enhance the company’s reputation for attention to planning, constructability, and environmental compliance of environmentally sensitive projects throughout Florida and California.  Our latest project, a 40 month bridge construction effort in the North Carolina Outer Banks, will extend our compliance experience through North Carolina as well. Projects performed for these clients involved civil and coastal construction projects within ecologically sensitive areas, most within designated park and wildlife areas in county, state and Federal park lands. Our most notable projects include the Port of Miami Tunnel, the Jewfish Creek Bridge in the Florida Keys, West Lake and Long Key Park Restorations, John U. Lloyd Park Mitigation Project Series, USACE C-111 Project 7, the USACE Herbert Hoover Dam Levee Construction, Looe Key Grounding Restoration, Long Key Freshwater Wetland Creation, and the Everglades National Park “Hole-in-the-Donut” Ecological Restoration. SKS assists municipal and private clients with conceptual development, design plans and specification documents, permitting and construction management of large and small scale environmentally sensitive projects.