Alliance for Affordable Energy

Mission: The Alliance for Affordable Energy safeguards Louisiana’s future by protecting consumers’ right to an affordable, equitable, and environmentally responsible energy system.
Vision: A future where energy works for everyone.

Founded in 1985, the Alliance for Affordable Energy promotes fair, affordable, environmentally responsible energy. From the start, we have advanced a philosophy that there is no conflict between lower energy costs and lower pollution, between good jobs and regulation, or between serving the public interest and making a reasonable profit. Because we are both a consumer advocate and public health advocacy organization, our policy work meets at the crossroads of social justice, sustainable economic development, and environmental protection.

The Alliance is the only consumer advocate non profit in Louisiana for utility customers. We fight for consumers through Education,  Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency. Our recent accomplishments demonstrate the important synergies between our technical policy work and community organizing. The Alliance for Affordable Energy is committed to promoting a new vision for energy policy in Louisiana, from an “energy state” to a “clean energy” leader in the South.