South Pole

We started as a spin-off by 5 young, aspiring enviropreneurs. Initially focused on developing and selling high-quality carbon credits, we’ve come a long way from a purely project-driven company to what we are today: the world’s leading provider of climate solutions with offices around the world. Our team includes seasoned experts in climate change, renewable energy, forests and land use, water, and sustainable cities and buildings. Based on our local knowledge and global reach, we tailor our solutions and facilitate cooperation between partners in various domains of sustainability.

Every day, in over 20 different countries, we demonstrate the value of sustainable solutions for our clients - from the United Nations to the world's leading financial institutions to top notch consumer goods brands and more. Our solutions have created tens of thousands of jobs in developing countries, hundreds of millions of dollars for business, and improved living and working conditions for countless people around the world. So well in fact that we have been recognised, among others, as Best Project Developer in Environmental Finance’s Carbon Market Surveys for the past 5 years.