Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

The Sacramento Air Pollution Control District was formed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in December of 1959. In July of 1996, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District was created under Health and Safety Code Sections 40960 et. seq. to monitor, promote, and improve air quality in the County of Sacramento. It is one of 35 regional air quality districts in California.

Sac Metro Air District is designated by EPA as part of the Sacramento Federal Ozone Nonattainment Area (SFNA), which is comprised of all of Sacramento and Yolo Counties, the eastern portion of Solano County,  the southern portion of Sutter County, the western slopes of El Dorado and Placer Counties up to the Sierra crest, and includes four other local air districts.

Sac Metro Air District is responsible for monitoring air pollution within the Basin and for developing and administering programs to reduce air pollution levels below the health-based standards established by the state and federal governments.