Glendale Community College

Glendale Community College is a dynamic institution with more than 25,000 students. They are enrolled in college-credit at the main campus, continuing education at the Garfield campus, community services classes held throughout the community, and the Professional Development Center located in Montrose. The college serves an ethnically diverse student body with no single group forming a majority.

The faculty has used its energy to develop a wide ranging curriculum intended to prepare students for the 21st century. Student services faculty provide invaluable academic, career, and financial counseling to students. Today the goal of those farsighted citizens of Glendale has been achieved. Higher education is available to all who come to Glendale Community College.

Glendale Community College Glendale, CA, United States
Jan 09, 2018
Professor-Instructor-Post Grad
Description This is a full-time, tenure track, 10 month per year position. This classroom teaching position is in the Geology/Oceanography department in the Physical Sciences Division. The assignment includes teaching lower division lecture and laboratory courses in geology (physical, environmental, historical and field), oceanography, atmospheric sciences and/or paleontology for prospective majors and for those that need a lab science class to satisfy part of their general education requirements. Full time members of our teaching faculty maintain 15 instruction and 5 office hours per week and are expected to devote as much time as necessary to perform the professional responsibilities of the position. General responsibilities include preparation of lecture and laboratory materials, coordination of lab preparation with support staff, and participation in Physical Sciences Division and campus-wide activities. Participation in professional activities, recruitment, outreach, curriculum/degree development, and campus committees is also required. The assignment may also involve teaching evening and weekend classes. This position reports to the Division Chair, Physical Sciences. Starting Date: Fall 2018 Examples of Duties Major Duties and Responsibilities: Teach the lecture and laboratory courses in physical geology, environmental geology, historical geology, field geology, oceanography, paleontology and/or atmospheric sciences for prospective majors and for those who need a lab science class to satisfy part of their general education requirements. Evaluate and select knowledge and skill areas to be offered and/or required of students. Provide supervision in the science laboratory setting or in the field (as specified in the geology field courses and/or oceanography field studies). Share and explain a body of knowledge, skills and experiences through examples, demonstrations, lectures, discussions, etc. Coordinate instructional activities with other members of the Geology and Oceanography Program and the Physical Sciences Division. Provide a physical and psychological environment conducive to effective learning. Assist in the development and implementation of curriculum, policies and procedures for the Geology and Oceanography Program. Evaluate student understanding and skills. Maintain various records (e.g. attendance, census, grades, etc.) Participate in campus governance and professional activities (e.g. committees, scheduling, leadership positions, etc.) Participate in staff development and continuing education activities in order to maintain currency in the teaching field. Maintain regular posted office hours and be accessible to students. Advise and encourage students as appropriate. Determine course objectives and organize material toward those objectives. Instruct students in the appropriate use of technology such as computers for laboratory data acquisition and analysis. Participate in assessment cycles of student and program learning outcomes. Work to achieve the college's Institutional, Program and Student Learning Outcomes in support of Glendale Community College's Mission Statement.   Minimum Qualifications Master's in geology, geophysics, earth science, meteorology, oceanography, or paleontology, OR Bachelor's in geology AND Master's in geography, physics, or geochemistry OR the equivalent. Desirable Qualifications: Possession of a broad-based background in the earth sciences. Experience in teaching earth science courses at the college level. Experience using technology-mediated instruction and curriculum development. Experience in working with diverse racial/ethnic groups. Additional Information Salary  Starting salary is from $59,207 to $81,968 per year depending upon education and experience. Step placement within the appropriate column is determined by Article VIII of the Collective Bargaining agreement. Fringe benefits, which are subject to change pursuant to negotiations under Section 3500 of the California Government Code, are presently provided and include family and domestic partner medical and dental, two-party vision plan, and employee life insurance. Closing date and time: 2/26/2018 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time Remember to say you found this opportunity at