Groundwork Denver

Groundwork Denver partners with lower-income communities to improve the physical environment and promote health and well-being. We are “do-ers” not “talkers.” We plant trees, we improve parks, we clean up rivers, we insulate houses, we grow food, and we coordinate hundreds of volunteers to help. We support the development of leaders from the neighborhoods we work with through our Green Team youth employment program. Our work promotes the inclusion of the diverse population of our communities in decision making and action, as well as advocates for a clean and healthy environment for everyone.


Established in 2002, Groundwork Denver currently has a team of 21 dedicated and passionate staff members, ten board members, and as many as 70 youth employees in the summer. While we have historically focused in the City of Denver, demographic and economic shifts have our work shifting us to more work in Adams and Arapahoe Counties (where we sometimes do business as Groundwork Colorado). For more information, please visit