Wilburforce Foundation

Wilburforce Foundation’s vision is that native wildlife thrive throughout networks of connected lands and waters in Western North America. Wilburforce helps conserve important lands, waters and wildlife in Western North America by supporting organizations and leaders advancing strategic solutions.

Wilburforce believes that there are positive, achievable solutions to current challenges based on sound science, conservation policy, and community action. We believe that conservation is powered by a hopeful vision in which wild places and wildlife thrive in harmony with human communities. The future of conserving nature relies upon a collaborative community of individuals, organizations, agencies, and allied partners who together seek to sustain wildlife and wild lands.

To date, Wilburforce has invested more than $150 million in conservation efforts across Western North America, and is seen as an international leader in collaborative conservation.

Wilburforce is science-driven, continually seeking out knowledge from a wide range of natural and social sciences. Our Conservation Science Program invests in research to make sure the right data is available when and where the decisions are being made. And we ensure scientists, advocates and decision makers have the capacity and skills to take the science, engage in meaningful ways, and use it to inform conservation decisions. Wilburforce believes that when scientists are part of the conversation, we get better and more durable conservation outcomes.

Wilburforce also makes a significant commitment to grantee capacity building. Our Capacity Building Program invests in leaders, organizations, and campaigns through specialized consulting, coaching, and training on leadership development, fundraising, financial management, human resource management, communications, strategic planning, technology, and more.