U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is an agency within the U.S. Department of Interior.  We manage the 150 million-acre National Wildlife Refuge System of more than 551 National Wildlife Refuges and thousands of small wetlands and other special management areas. Under the Fisheries program we also operate 70 National Fish Hatcheries, 65 fishery resource offices and 86 ecological services field stations.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service San Marcos, TX, USA
Feb 14, 2019
Full time
Summary This position is part of the R2-San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center. As a Ecologist you will be responsible for This announcement is being advertised concurrently under   R2-19-10420234-TL-MP   for current and former federal employees serving under a competitive service career or career-conditional appointment or reinstatement eligible. You must apply to each announcement separately if you wish to be considered under both recruitment methods. Learn more about this agency Responsibilities Accomplishing special assignments and studies related to aquatic invertebrates (particularly freshwater mussels) as deemed necessary and as directed by the project leader. Participate in cooperative management activities that may be undertaken by other conservation-oriented agencies. Evaluate the need for, determine the most effective use of, and formulate plans for the restoration of rare and imperiled aquatic species and their ecosystems. Assist project leader in coordinating cooperative strategic habitat conservation activities in inter-jurisdictional waters lying in two or more states or federal areas. Design, develop, and conduct freshwater aquatic invertebrate captive propagation techniques and other management studies involving ecological factors such as habitat preference, movement, age and growth, and reproduction. Maintain proficiency in the field of aquatic ecology, aquatic entomology, fishery biology, limnology and related sciences by taking advantage of available courses or other training opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments and techniques. Assist in the development, construction, and maintenance of equipment for use in all phases of project work Assist project leader and program head in maintaining good working relationships with and coordinating program activities with state and other federal agencies, and encouraging and promoting partnerships and cooperative endeavors. Assist program head in work planning, accomplishment reporting, and document processing involved in the long-range development of ecosystem management programs. Direct the work of volunteer and lower-graded personnel in conducting captive propagation efforts and related management and administrative activities at the field station. Participate in preparing various types of reports on conservation activities, studies, and investigations. When appropriate, prepare and submit articles and papers for publication in professional journals, magazines, newspapers, and other media. Participate in public affairs, environmental education, and interpretive activities that support and promote Service goals and objectives. Represents the Service at public and professional meetings involving federal aquatic conservation issues or concerns. Assist program head with administrative activities involved in supporting a Service field unit, including, but not limited to the areas of procurement, fiscal management, travel, property management, and personnel. Travel Required 25% or less - You may be expected to travel 25% of the time for this position. Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, Maine, USA
Feb 13, 2019
Full time
Appointment type:  Term - 1 yr 1 day (Appt may be extended an additional 3 years without further advertisement) Summary This position is part of the R5-Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. As a Biological Science Technician you will be responsible for assisting with the planning and implementation of tasks associated with the ecology, conservation and population trends for the listing and recovery of candidate species salt marsh sparrow. This is a Term appointment, not-to-exceed 1 year and 1 day. This appointment may be extended for an additional 3 years without further advertisement. Learn more about this agency Responsibilities As a Biological Science Technician your duties will include, but are not limited to the following: Analyze, construct, and maintain status data to inform managers about migration timing and pathways of salt marsh sparrows Run statistical analysis to reveal trends and problem areas and make recommendations for management action to the wildlife biologist Perform surveys, nest searches, nest monitoring, mist netting, banding, tagging and data collection of salt marsh sparrow and piping plover Identify and monitor salt marsh vegetation using established protocols Deploy water loggers to monitor water levels and RTK technology to monitor elevation Capture and apply field bands and nanotags to salt marsh sparrow Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Arizona, USA
Feb 06, 2019
Full time
3 vacancies in the following locations: Flagstaff, AZ Parker, AZ Whiteriver, AZ Summary The Arizona Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (AFWCO) has three offices located in Flagstaff, Parker, and Whiteriver, AZ. The Biological Science Technicians will be responsible for assisting in a variety of fish and aquatic conservation projects related to management of native fish, sport fish, and aquatic invasive species. This is a Term appointment, not-to-exceed 13 months, which can be extended for a total appointment of 4 years. Learn more about this agency Responsibilities The duties of the position include but are not limited to: Conducting biological surveys, observing and recording a wide variety of fish habitat and aquatic conditions, number and variety of fish and other aquatic species Maintaining vehicles and field equipment in a safe operating manner Leading field crews in collection of data in remote locations Computing, compiling, and analyzing data in tabular, graphic, or narrative form Collecting, handling, identifying, tagging, and caring for a variety of endangered, native, and recreational fish Assisting professional biologists by reviewing, cataloging, performing literature reviews, and filing technical publications and material Travel Required 75% or less - Travel is required for field visits, extended duration fishery surveys, meetings, training, and field support to other sub-offices. Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Welaka National Fish Hatchery - Hatchery Building, South Street, Welaka, FL, USA
Jan 29, 2019
Full time
Summary This position is part of the R4-Welaka National Fish Hatchery. NOTE: This is a TERM position NTE 13 months. At management's discretion, this appointment may be extended up to the 4-year limit. This TERM position provides eligibility for the incumbent to earn leave and to receive Federal retirement coverage, health insurance, and life insurance. However, TERM appointments do not confer competitive status and do not lead to permanent employment. Learn more about this agency Responsibilities Perform a wide variety of operational projects incorporating diverse technical knowledge of the basic theories and practices related to all phases of fish hatchery production. Assist with feeding fish and overall cleaning and maintenance of aquariums, fish pond culture, pond fertilization, especially with organic meals for zooplankton production. Check plankton production in ponds. Stock fry, fingerling and various warm-water fish species. Monitor pond oxygen levels. Apply herbicides to and drain and harvest ponds. Assist in the study of life history aspects and in propagating freshwater mussels. Collect host fish from mussel streams, survey mussel beds, and perform maintenance of aquaria housing of mussels or host fish. Collection, harvest and inventory of fish. Gather fish production data. Use spreadsheets for data collection and record keeping. Assist with routine maintenance, operation, and general upkeep of hatchery and grounds. Mow flat landscape with riding mowers and tractors, operate weed and line trimmers. Ability to communicate information about Federal fisheries program, and present clear and concise data. Travel Required Occasional travel - You may be expected to travel for this position. Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com