EBI Consulting

At EBI Consulting we provide direct benefits to financial and operational performance through proactive, prevention-based due diligence management programs, systems integration, and effective training programs. EBI is building on 20 years of success providing quality environmental health and safety services to become a leading provider of comprehensive sustainability services. 
EBI Consulting was founded in 1989 by Frank Previte as a technology firm working to bioengineer enzymes capable of remediating subsurface contamination. By 2006, the firm was recognized as one of the nation’s top 50 fastest growing environmental firms by The Zweig Letter with a national presence of over 350 employees and expanded offerings including engineering and environmental health and safety consulting services. 
Today, EBI Consulting is a leading environmental health and safety management consulting firm with a growing energy and sustainability practice for the most prominent industrial, real estate, finance, global investment, and commercial banking companies. The firm is one of the top ten providers of environmental, civil, and structural engineering support to national and international telecommunications companies. EBI Consulting also provides environmental health & safety services to renowned institutions in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, education, manufacturing, and marine industries. 
EBI Consulting is known for the quality of our products, our professionalism, the business and technical expertise of our consultants, our responsiveness, and the personalized nature of our services. We have nationwide presence, ensuring efficient and expedited services. 
We provide our clients with technical expertise to meet compliance deadlines and manage crucial projects on time and within budget.