Bayfield Regional Conservancy

The mission of the Bayfield Regional  Conservancy is to protect the natural lands, waters, forests, farms and  places of scenic, historic, and spiritual value in Northwestern Wisconsin.

Working in Ashland, Douglas, Sawyer, and  Bayfield Counties our service area includes Wisconsin's entire Lake  Superior drainage basin as well as the incredibly rich and diverse lakes region in Sawyer County. A membership-based non-profit, regional land  trust, BRC was founded in 1996 for the following purposes:
  • to protect and enhance the ecological integrity of the air, land and water of the Bayfield Region,
  • to protect and enhance Lake Superior, inland lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands; agricultural, forest, urban and undeveloped lands; plant  and wildlife habitat and communities; and sites with significant human  aesthetic, spiritual, cultural and historic features, principles and  traditions,
  • to acquire by gift, purchase or otherwise, real estate or personal  property 
    of any kind whatsoever, including partial real property  interests and 
    conservation easements
  • to conduct studies and to educate public officials and members of  the 
    general public about conservation tools and strategies which support appropriate and sustainable patterns of land and water use in the  Bayfield Region.