Lumiga, LLC

  • One Lincoln Centre, 18W140 Butterfield Road, 15th Floor, Oak Brooks, IL 60181, United States
Lumiga is a clean technology company. Our cloud-based solution enables us to provide a personalized, data-driven energy management platform that empowers small and medium businesses to take back control of their energy future. Lumiga embodies the idea of utilizing innovative technology, market centered solutions, and a dedicated solution design team to tackle an immense challenge to the world – rising energy costs.
Created in 2012 with the idea that small and medium sized business are the backbone of the US economy, Lumiga has partnered with our customers to reduce their energy consumption by over 3 million KWH, helped them remove over 3000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and have helped them remove the equivalent of 500 cars from our roads and freeways. But, beyond the impact on our community we are attune to the daily pressures of running a small business.