the Fund for the Public Interest

The Fund for the Public Interest is seeking hard-working individuals with great communication skills and a passion for social change to fill our campaign staff and Field Manager positions across the country this summer.

Our Mission:

The Trump administration and some leaders in Congress are pursuing an agenda that puts our environment and everyday people at risk. This summer the Fund is running nationwide campaigns to defend our most important environmental and consumer protections. To tackle climate change and ensure a clean environment, it won't be enough to be right or have a great argument.   To get decision makers to do the right thing, you need hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of people to make their voices heard through petitions, emails, small donations, and meetings. Change takes people power and the Fund builds that power. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped to win campaigns and build resources for the nation’s top public interest and environmental organizations, including Environment America and USPIRG.

Job Description:

Currently, we have paid Canvasser and Field Manager positions open in Portland. These are full-time positions at an average of $10-15/hour


  • Help the directors launch the campaign and build a team of staff this spring
  • Build membership and raise money for environmental and social change organizations
  • Educate and engage citizens on pressing issues
  • Recruit, train and manage a team of staff in the office and in the field
  • Meet with the directors each week to evaluate progress and provide input on hiring decisions, goals and priorities


While on staff, you will gain knowledge of pressing issues facing our country, learn how to effectively generate public support to influence decision makers, and obtain a firm understanding of the political process.

Why Apply?

You should apply if you want to…

  • Make a real difference on important environmental and social issues
  • Get experience with grassroots mobilization and fundraising
  • Gain the skills and connections needed to launch a career in non-profit, political, or grassroots organizing
  • Earn an average of $10-15/hour this summer, working for something you believe in
  • Build long-lasting relationships with a team of people from all across the country who share your interests and concerns on important issues



  • Passion for environmental and social change
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong work ethic


Previous experience with staff management or leadership may improve candidacy.

Job Type: Full-time