Oregon Department of Energy

The Oregon Department of Energy was created in 1975. 
The agency’s primary program goals include: 
  • Encouraging investments in conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy resources (by offering tax credits, loans, and grants)
  • Providing information and assistance on ways to save energy (to households, businesses, schools, tribes and government agencies)
  • Providing technical help and financial incentives to promote the use of renewable energy 
  • Demonstrating the workability of new technology (energy-saving equipment, appliances, materials, manufacturing processes, and building practices)
  • Siting prudent, safe, and environmentally sound energy facilities 
  • Regulating the cleanup and transportation of radioactive wastes through the state
  • Ensuring state preparedness to respond to accidents involving radioactive materials, and
  • Providing oversight of the Hanford nuclear cleanup to ensure cleanup decisions are protective of Oregon and the Columbia River