United Water Conservation District

United Water Conservation District is a public agency with an elected board of directors that manages groundwater and delivers water to cities and agriculture within a large part of Ventura County, in Southern California.  The county ranks 14th among all counties in the U.S. in agricultural production, with over 1.5 billion dollars in annual revenues, largely due to reliable water.  Ventura County is the first in the nation in strawberries, lemons and celery.  Among United’s urban water customers are the cities of Oxnard, Ventura, Port Hueneme, and two U.S. Naval bases.  The District got its name in 1954 when agricultural and urban interests' united to develop local water supplies.       To accomplish its mission, United Water operates world-class water resource facilities including: Santa Felicia Dam and its hydroplant, impounding 84,000 acre-foot Lake Piru   The Freeman Diversion and its fish passage facilities on the Santa Clara River   The Piru Diversion on Piru Creek   Three groundwater recharge facilities, including former gravel pits   The Oxnard-Hueneme System, which supplies wholesale drinking water to cities   An agricultural irrigation system on the Oxnard Plain Pipelines and reservoirs to deliver filtered surface water to agriculture   Recreation facilities at Lake Piru