Legacy International/Global Youth Village

Legacy International
Legacy is dedicated to promoting peace by strengthening civil society and fostering a culture of participation worldwide.

We train and mentor community leaders, youth, professionals, and governmental and non-governmental administrators, helping them to develop and implement practical, community-based solutions to critical issues.

Community by community, we strive to leave a lasting Legacy of:

  • Increased and sustainable citizen participation in local problem solving
  • Increased capacity in non-governmental organizations
  • Increased cross-sectoral collaboration
  • More constructive options and opportunities for the next generation
  • New vision and skill among community leaders
  • Hope, tolerance, and community engagement.
The Global Youth Village

The Global Youth Village is a project of Legacy Interantional and is for young people (ages 14‑18) in Bedford, Virginia. The program hosts 50-70 youths and 25 staff from 15 or more countries each summer.  They gather to create a living, working model of the global community.  Participants establish deep friendships with people from cultures vastly different from their own. They gain practical skills and knowledge in the areas of leadership, cross‑cultural relations, and conflict resolution and discover how they can make a difference both locally and globally.