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This is the first in a year long coaching webinar series specically for environmental students by The Environmental Career Coach, Laura Thorne: 

I was underguided and underprepared just like you!

I am here to make sure you have the tools and
foresight that most do not have when they prepare
to go from college to Environmental Professional. 

Our guest speaker is John Esson who will guide you through some of the challenges we face in our search for an envionmental career that makes a difference.  John has over 30 years of professional experience in environmental sustainability and natural resources within government, consulting, and nonprofits.  He is the Founder of the Environmental Career Center and and is Executive Director of PASE Corps

Join Us!

Managing Job Search Expectations
Coaching Webinar

January 4th 
6 to 7 p.m. ET

Make 2018 a transformative year for your environmental career! 

Registration is just $10.

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Then mark your calendar for upcoming environmental career webinars at 6-7 p.m. (ET) on the first Tuesday of every month and join The Environmental Career Coach and guest speakers for the latest career webinar that will help you achieve your environmental career goals in 2018!