2018 National Environmental Careers Survey

How do you get an
environmental job without experience?  

Where do employers find the best candidates? 

What are the skills that
employers want in new employees? 

The Environmental Career Center is conducting the 2018 National Environmental Employment Survey to answer these questions and more.  

Top environmental employers will take this survey and represent all sectors including government, industry, consulting, nonprofit organizations, and services.  

The results will be valuable and available to all participants.   You will receive updates via email as early results come in.  As a participant in the survey, you will receive the PDF version of the full 2018 National Environmental Employment Report for FREE.  Nonparticipants will have an opportunity to purchase the report.

This is our 5th national environmental employment survey since 2000.  In our last survey, environmental employers said that analytical skills (61%) and written communication skills (59%) were the most important skills for job seekers.  

And employers gave great inside advice to help job seekers.  One natural resources agency hiring manager said, “Know what our agency and our office does before you come to the interview. Tell me how your going to lighten my workload. And I really like it if know our accomplishments that we're proud of.”   

This chart shows results of a question employers wanted us to ask job seekers in a previous survey

 We survey both employers and job seekers. 

Take the survey and receive a free PDF copy of the full 2018 National Environmental Employment Report.  

Survey closes May 15 with the full report only weeks later. 

Nonparticipants may purchase the  full PDF Report here

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