Environmental Career Center in the 2010s



  • EnvironmentalCareer.com job board has over 30,000 resumes.


  • Introduced the Green Careers Journal in a color magazine format.
  • Provided job placement support for the Green Jobs Alliance on a U.S. Department of Energy weatherization grant.
  • Introduced Partners Achieving Environmental Excellence (PASE) Corps unique training and staffing service that benefits both employers and job seekers.


  • EnvironmentalCareer.com job board database showcases over 40,000 resumes.
  • Conducts the 2012 National Environmental Employment Survey in partnership with the National Association of Environmental Professionals.
  • Began participating in NAEP/American Public University (apus.edu) environmental career webinars. 


  • Re-launches EnvironmentalCareer.com Home Page and Job Board.
  • Conducted the 8th annual Environmental Careers Seminar at the NAEP annual conference in Los Angeles.
  • Conducted the 2013 National Environmental Employment Survey.


  • 35th anniversary of the Environmental Career Center.
  • 20th anniversary of EnvironmentalCareer.com -- originally launched on Earth Day 1995 as Environmental Careers World.  The web's first environmental niche jobs board.
  • Conducted fourth National Environmental Employment Survey in partnership with National Association of Environmental Professionals.
  • PASE Corps established as separate nonprofit environmental training, education, internship and sustainability organization.


  • Served over 700 environmental employers in recruiting talented environmental, conservation, and sustainability professionals
  • Conducted the Conservation Careers Seminar and Environmental Careers Seminar
  • Continued participating as subject matter experts for the NAEP/APU environmental career development webinars
  • Launched environmental career coaching services


  • Conducting 2018 National Environmental Employment Survey
  • Began collaboration with universities and colleges for student/alumni environmental career services support


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