Primatology and Primate Conservation Online Course

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  • Jun 04, 2020
Remote Office - Work from Home Biology - Ecology Conservation/ Natural Resources Training

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What we offer: This online course offers a unique view into the realities of primatological field research through the eyes of our resident Primatologist and National Geographic Explorer Rebecca Smith. The course will provide your students with

  • An overview of the order primates
  • A broad understanding of primate behavior
  • An introduction to different field techniques (and how they can be applied to different studies)
  • Exposure to the process of designing a field project
  • A global perspective on different aspects of primate conservation

Course Design: The course consists of four modules, each taught through video lectures that can be worked through at the student’s own pace. Each module has a recommended reading list and will conclude with a short ‘home-work assignment’ to evaluate progress. The course's total duration is estimated to be 30 hours. Participants will be invited to join a one-on-one Skype session with the Rebecca Smith to discuss questions they have about the course content, their personal learning goals, and their overall career trajectory. All students who finish the course will be provided with an Academic Certificate from Para La Tierra. 

Course Instructor: Rebecca Smith, the course instructor, obtained her undergraduate degree in Zoology from the University of Edinburgh and her Masters of Research in Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation at Roehampton University. She is now studying towards a PhD in Conservation Science with the University of Aberdeen. She has 10 years experience working with non-human primates in Namibia, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Paraguay. She studied the hooded capuchins (Sapajus cay) of Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca for four years and has published several papers on their behavior. She has presented her research at conferences in Paraguay, USA, Kenya, and the UK. She is a National Geographic Explorer and received the Lawrence Jacobsen Education Development Award from the International Primatological Society. She is now studying hooded capuchins (Sapajus cay) in San Rafael National Park and supervises studies of the urban Howler monkey (Alouata caraya) population of Pilar.

More Information: You can find additional information and a course preview video on our website or by copying the following URL into your browser:

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