Rotational Analyst - Development

  • sPower
  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Feb 12, 2020
Full time Business Development Conservation/ Natural Resources Energy Energy Efficiency Energy - Solar Energy - Wind Renewable Energy

Job Description

sPower Development Rotational Program

The sPower development team comprises approximately 70 members, located in five separate offices (Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Long Beach, Richmond and New York).  Teams are divided into eight areas of expertise and the rotation program will cover four of those areas over two years.  At the end of the two-year program, analysts will join a group permanently.


The position will be a permanent hire in Salt Lake City.  The rotation would then likely be the following:

(1) Origination, (2) Trading, Markets and Pricing, (3) Land Acquisition & Real Estate, (4) Strategic Development


Rotational Program Offers

The sPower Rotational program is a two-year, four track level development program designed to (1) create a fundamental skill set in project development, (2) teach crucial leadership skills and (3) provide a rich experience through a challenging, fast-paced rotational program.


Candidates will get a holistic view of the company through cross-business unit and cross-functional rotations and participation in development opportunities, including mentoring, and exposure to executives. Candidates will have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor to build a strong relationship and establish short - and long- range career goals.  Active participation in the program will equip candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive performance and integration among business functions.


The Recruiting Process

HR will source resumes and circulate to hiring managers. Selected applicants will be invited to interview with the hiring team. Candidates should include cover letter with resume.


Who is Eligible?

Candidates must be graduating with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Strong candidates will exhibit sound leadership, analytical and communication skills. The following degrees will be considered but the key is the person, not the nature of the degree:

  • Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Computer Science, Manufacturing, Chemical, Civil
  • All things environmentally focused or else good for the world
  • City/Urban Planners
  • Anything ending with …ology
  • Degrees that are not listed above but which you are passionate about


How is Performance on the Program Evaluated

Performance will be evaluated at two levels. Each hosting manager will evaluate candidates twice during the rotation: at the mid-point and upon completion. Upon completion of the two-year program, candidates will coordinate with hosting managers to transition to a full-time challenging position consistent with career interests and the needs of the company.


The Development Group is Comprised of the Following Groups:

  • Origination – work with the team to craft proposals to sell the power from our solar, wind and storage assets to utilities, banks and increasing the large corporate buyers (like Microsoft and Facebook)
  • Development – developers are the quarterbacks of the overall multi-year process, closely working with each individual team to craft a product that can be economically built
  • Land Acquisition – The land team is the first in the field. This team helps to build the underlying project position working regularly with the local owners to find the perfect spot and get the necessary permissions 
  • Real Estate – What the land acquisition team buys or leases, the real estate team makes perfect. Did grandpa really have the right to give that land parcel to his best friend?  As we build the projects, it’s the real estate team that is most likely to detect any differences between where we said we were digging a hole or building a road and where we did it
  • Permitting – many authorities must agree to our renewable projects (cities and states, protectors of the local flora and fauna, owners of the electric grid, the FAA and sometimes the Navajo nation). This group coordinates the interaction and permitting process with them all
  • Interconnection – projects are cool to visit but the secret sauce is in connecting them to the almost impossible to comprehend electrical grid. This group accomplishes that goal filing new queue positions, managing the integration of our power to the grid and ultimately helping us to understand how we can do the same better and faster on the next project
  • Strategic Development – this group crafts the company’s long-term strategy selecting the states and regions that we want to enter 3 – 5 years before the origination team sells the power. Heavier on research and strategy and less project specific than some other groups
  • Trading, Markets and Pricing – This group is the analytical core of the dev team providing a wide suite of services ranging from creation of the underlying financial models, assessment of the quantifiable risks in our contracts and in the long-term managing the revenue of our market based trades.


sPower is an Equal Opportunity Employer of all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, covered veterans, sexual orientation and gender identity. Women, minorities and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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