Environmental Laboratory & Compliance Manager

  • Las Vegas NV
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Dec 04, 2019
Full time Biology - Ecology Environmental Science - Engineering Water Quality Watershed - Stormwater - Wastewater

Job Description

About the Position
Please submit a cover letter and a detailed resume along with your completed application. 

SELECTION PROCESS: The selection process will include a review of all applications with only the most qualified participating in an interview. Final candidate selection will include hiring interview (if applicable). Any individual offered employment will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test and complete background check. Some positions may require preliminary background checks.

Manages, assigns and reviews the work of laboratory and environmental compliance staff responsible for wastewater treatment process control and permit compliance monitoring and industrial waste inspections; oversees and participates in all work activities; and performs a variety of administrative and technical tasks relative to assigned area of responsibility.

Supervision Received and Exercised

Receives direction from the Environmental Manager.

Acts as a formal supervisor, exercising direct supervision including monitoring and formally evaluating employee performance, employee selection and discipline.


Essential Functions:

  1. Plans, prioritizes, assigns, supervises and reviews the work of staff responsible for wastewater treatment process control and permit compliance monitoring and industrial waste inspections; coordinates the work of the section with that of the division and with other divisions and departments.
  2. Establishes section goals and objectives consistent with those of the division and the department, and other city departments and outside agencies; ensures effective working relationships between the section and other city operations; recommends and assists in the implementation of division goals and objectives; implements approved policies and procedures.
  3. Establishes schedules and methods for: physical, chemical and biological testing of samples of wastewater liquids, gases and solids at all phases of wastewater treatment; monitoring industrial dischargers and their impacts on the collection system and treatment plant; and monitoring the receiving waters of Lake Mead and the Las Vegas Wash.  Ensures that sampling and analytical schedules and methods comply with applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, statutes and permits; initiates specialized testing and analyses, technical studies and research projects.
  4. Selects professional, technical and support staff and ensures effective morale, productivity and discipline; plans, organizes, administers, reviews and evaluates the activities and performance of staff directly; works with staff to establish work priorities and schedules; encourages and provides for staff training and professional development; ensures that staff adheres to safe work practices and procedures; interprets city policies and procedures for staff; prepares and conducts formal performance evaluations; works with employees to develop short and long term goals, monitors accomplishments, establishes performance requirements and personal development targets and provides coaching for performance improvement and development.
  5. Recommends and participates in the preparation and administration of the section budget; monitors expenditures to ensure they are within approved budgetary limits; identifies resource needs; reviews needs with appropriate management staff; allocates resources accordingly; estimates time, materials and equipment required for jobs assigned; requisitions materials as required.
  6. Prepares analytical and statistical reports of data generated by staff; ensures that reports required for process control and to meet discharge and water appropriation permit conditions and other laws, regulations and requirements are prepared and maintained; makes presentations to city staff, other agencies and the public.
  7. Represents the section and division at meetings with other governmental entities, community organizations and the public concerned with water quality analysis, industrial pretreatment, wastewater permits and related environmental issues; participates in the negotiation of wastewater discharge permits.
  8. Coordinates and supervises the issuance of industrial waste permits and the review of building plans.
  9. Attends and participates in professional group meetings; stays abreast of current water quality issues, laws, regulations, trends and innovations in the fields of water quality testing, industrial pretreatment monitoring and wastewater treatment.
  10. Participates in, supports and fosters the development of a culture that values people and their differences and is free from inequities and barriers to people reaching their full potential.
  11. Participates in promoting sustainable, environmentally sensitive development and operations in the community and the department.
  12. Participates in establishing the strategic direction for the department in alignment with City Council and city of Las Vegas strategic priorities; communicates to all assigned employees their roles in performance measurement and achieving strategic priorities; and works with staff to report measures to the city's executive team and all members of the department.

Marginal Functions:

  1. Participates in plant operation and design and related water quality and environmental issues.
  2. Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.



Five years of increasingly responsible experience in laboratory work, including three years of laboratory management, supervisory or lead responsibility.


Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major in chemistry, bacteriology, sanitary engineering, chemical engineering, public health engineering or a field related to the essential functions.  A combination of formal education and directly related work experience may substitute for the degree.  The City assesses 1.5 years of full-time experience as equivalent to one year of education.

License or Certificate:

Possession of an appropriate, valid driver's license on the date of application and maintenance thereafter.

Possession of a Nevada Water Environment Association Grade IV Water Quality Analyst certificate within one year of the date of appointment, and maintenance thereafter.

Possession of a Nevada Water Environment Association Grade IV Industrial Waste Inspector certificate is desired.


Knowledge of:

Procedures, techniques, and equipment relating to wastewater and industrial waste sampling and analysis and environmental water quality monitoring.
Modern industrial waste pretreatment principles and techniques.
Principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation.
Principles and practices of chemistry, limnology, bacteriology and biology.
Wastewater laboratory management and services.
Procedures, methods and techniques of budget preparation and control.
Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations.
Principles, methods and techniques of monitoring wastewater flows in treatment facilities and sanitary sewer lines.
Chemical processes involved in municipal and industrial waste pretreatment.
Knowledge of public administration, municipal government and management principles.
Occupational hazards and standard safety practices.

Skills in:

Reading, interpreting, applying, explaining and enforcing federal and state regulations pertaining to water quality, wastewater treatment, laboratory issues, and industrial waste monitoring.
Interpreting, applying, explaining and enforcing city policies and procedures.
Analyzing, interpreting and applying the results of laboratory testing.
Expressing ideas effectively in writing, orally and through presentations before city staff, consultants, various city boards, other agencies and the general public.
Planning, organizing and prioritizing assignments.
Meeting critical deadlines.
Managing multiple assignments.
Preparing and delivering technical reports to public and private organizations, committees and groups.
Preparing clear, concise and technical reports.

Ability to:

Use initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines.
Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work including city officials and the general public.

In addition to Core Workforce and Supervisor Competencies:

Executive Competencies

Establishing Trust – Noticing, interpreting and anticipating others concerns and feelings; creating opportunities for collaborative, respectful dialogue; showing trust in others first and holding self and others accountable for words and behaviors that build community; using face to face communication as a primary means to build trust within the organization.

Communicating Clarity – Developing and communicating goals in support of the city mission, vision and purpose; clarifying direction of work, roles and expectations for successful attainment of objectives.

Providing Recognition – Identifying and recognizing employees at all levels for their ideas, work and achievements; providing opportunities for both formal and informal recognition within the organization; creating a culture of peer recognition and encouragement.

Reinforcing Organizational Health – Routinely reviewing existing processes, practices and policies to ensure a balance in the ability to work productively and efficiently with employee needs for empowerment and development; changing processes, practices and policies when necessary to achieve the balance; establishing regular professional development time for each employee so they have opportunities to attend classes and other activities to enhance their professional growth; meeting regularly with employees.

Thinking Globally – Finding effective solutions and prioritizing problems using holistic, "big picture" thinking; putting the needs of the broader organization or community ahead of the needs of an individual department or community; developing and analyzing both near and long term impacts of decisions.

Business and Political Acumen – Having expertise in technical, political and budgetary leadership responsibilities; preparing and presenting complex concepts and proposals in a respectful, collaborative, understandable way to build community; comparing competing priorities and agendas looking for ways to establish a win/win solution whenever possible; speaking at community events and to the media to enhance the city's reputation and standing with the broader community.

Community Engagement – Identifying and working with different communities, whether internal, external or both, to achieve city mission, vision and purpose; including groups of stakeholders in decisions that affect them, directly or indirectly, whenever possible to do so; acting on decisions and strategies developed through community engagement.

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Government- Local/Regional


$84,578.00 - $109,951.66 Annually