Biological Science Technician - 7 vacancies in WA, ID, OR

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Burbank, WA
  • Apr 24, 2019
Temporary Biology - Ecology Conservation/ Natural Resources Fisheries - Marine Science - Aquatic Biology Wildlife - Endangered Species - Biodiversity

Job Description


7 vacancies in the following locations:

Temporary - 1039 Hours


This position is a part of the Pacific Region, National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS). There are a total of seven vacant positions across five different refuges: Camas NWR, Hamer, ID; Deer Flat NWR, Nampa, ID; Malheur NWR, Princeton, Oregon; Mid-Columbia River NWR Complex, Burbank, WA; and Little Pend Oreille NWR, Colville, WA. As a Biological Science Technician, you will be responsible for supporting biological programs to conserve fish, wildlife, and/or plants, their habitats.

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There are three primary components of this position; plants, fisheries, and wildlife. The incumbent may work in any one of the components or a combination of them. With all of these components there are also peripheral functions that involve data management and public awareness.

  • Assists in conducting biological censuses and surveys as part of ongoing field investigations of species using standard collection methods.
  • Assists in carrying out biological management actions designed to address needs of aquatic species and/or habitats.
  • Assists in carrying out wildlife or plant studies by following standardized research methods and established procedures for accomplishing and reporting the work.
  • Assists in monitoring and implementing activities related to conservation, management and/or control of wildlife.
  • Captures, applies visual and radio tags, and gathers physiological and spatial data on wildlife.
  • Assists with implementing habitat management activities designed to monitor, control, and eradicate non-native or invasive plant species and limit plant disease outbreaks.
  • Monitors elements of the physical environment such as temperature, precipitation, stream flow, snow depth, wind speed, and humidity.
  • Uses a variety of field equipment and computer software programs to collect and record data.
  • Collects biological samples ensuring correct documentation, reporting, storage, transport and delivery of samples taken.
  • Uses automated databases to enter, organize, and retrieve field data using standard statistical methods in preparation of reports.
  • Prepares biological data using a variety of database software programs for inclusion in biological reports.
  • Enters and retrieves data from geographic information systems (GIS) and other information management systems.

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GS 5 Salary $33,949 to $44,130 per year