Hazardous Waste Technician - Disneyland Resort

  • Walt Disney Company
  • Anaheim, CA, USA
  • Dec 22, 2018
Environmental Science - Engineering Hazardous Waste - RCRA -Toxics

Job Description

Local, Southern California Residents Sought - NO RELOCATION IS OFFERED.

Duties performed by a Hazardous Waste Technician include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Execute day-to-day work for hazardous waste, solid waste, and recycling programs
  • Support environmental programs including understanding and coaching Cast Members, implementing storm-water, hazardous-waste, air, and solid-waste best-management practices
  • Perform small asbestos and/or heavy-metals abatement or cleanup jobs based on need and level of training received
  • Respond to spills in accordance with the Resort’s Hazardous Materials Release Response Plan
  • Environmental sampling
  • Operate a backhoe and forklift


Manage Regulated/Hazardous Waste

  • Monitor containment bays and all accumulation lockers for proper waste segregation and containerization
  • Investigate non-compliance and unlabeled/unknown waste left in accumulation areas
  • Manage "empty" containers
  • Maintain cleanliness of hazardous-waste storage areas
  • Read and understand Safety Data Sheets and product-specification sheets
  • Sort and package waste by characteristics and regulatory classification (i.e., hazardous, universal, special, other)
  • Prepare lab packs
  • Containerize and label waste properly
  • Alert management of expiring containers in storage areas
  • Maintain database of waste containers that are generated and shipped and track and create inventory reports
  • Coordinate work done by on-site vendors
  • Take samples for laboratory analysis and waste characterization in accordance with appropriate sampling methods
  • Complete sample chains-of-custody
  • Transport regulated waste on-site
  • Support DLR off-site hazardous-waste operations
  • Monitor medical (biohazard and pharmaceutical) waste accumulation
  • Sign hazardous and non-hazardous waste manifests
  • Perform routine cleanout of small hazardous-waste clarifiers

Manages Non-regulated Solid Waste (Trash and Recyclables)

  • Monitor trash-compactor usage and advise leader about optimum dumping frequencies
  • Monitor all on-site and off-site consolidation points for trash and recyclables (i.e., commingled recycling, soil, concrete, asphalt, tires, scrap metal, wood, and treated-wood waste)
  • Ensure proper waste segregation for all delivered hoppers and bins
  • Operate backhoe to move and compact consolidation bins
  • Operate forklift to move bins in staging area to accommodate loading and roll-off truck access
  • Coordinate with contractors to empty bins as necessary
  • Ensure contractors do not dispose of project waste in Disneyland® containers
  • Maintain configuration and cleanliness of solid-waste-transfer areas
  • Coordinate with Property Control regarding assets that are being disposed
  • Pick-up and rotate three-yard bins

Support Environmental Compliance

  • Perform field services as required to support environmental-compliance programs. This may include installing storm and sanitary sewer markers, taking environmental samples, verifying that equipment is labeled with appropriate air-quality certifications, downloading data from remote controllers, and interfacing with Cast to ensure best-management practices are implemented.

Abatement and Removal

  • Abate or remove asbestos, lead/heavy metals, and/or mold. (Small scale abatement jobs are performed by Cast Members in this classification who are trained to do so.)
  • Inspect, advise, and/or monitor work done by contractors

Execute Studies(i.e., SB-14 Source Reduction study, Contingency Planning Study, solid waste characterization, etc.).

Respond to Releases of Hazardous Materials

  • In accordance with the Resort’s Hazardous Materials Release Response Plan, use appropriate personal-protective equipment (PPE), response equipment and supplies to control spills and minimize impact to human health and the environment
  • In accordance with training - and by using checklists - collect information to support State and Federal reporting requirements
  • Notify leaders of releases as soon as possible to ensure agency notifications can be made as required by regulation

Basic Qualifications

Schedule Availability - Availability to work Sunday through Saturday, any shift (1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift) including holidays, and must be open to any days off.

Required Experience, Technical Skills, Certifications, and Abilities

  • Experience and knowledge of hazardous waste and lab-packing-management practices
  • Ability to successfully complete Hazwoper, DOT Personnel, Hazardous Waste, Lab Pack, General Lead Worker, and Asbestos Worker training and pass associated tests
  • Ability to wear a respirator and other PPE, as required
  • Ability to drive forklift and backhoe
  • Possession of a current California Driver License or ability to obtain a valid California Driver License within 30 days if an out-of-state license is held

Preferred Qualifications

Desired Experience, Technical Skills, Certifications, and Abilities

  • 4+ years of experience in hazardous waste and materials handling and shipping
  • Possession of any or all Hazwoper, DOT Personnel, Hazardous Waste, General Lead Worker, and/or Asbestos Worker training/certifications
  • Proven spill-response experience

Additional Information:

  • Frequently wears respirator, chemical-protective suit, and/or other personal-protective equipment as required
  • Will carry a radio. May be asked to respond before or after regularly scheduled shift
  • Those assigned to this position are required to attend one or more of the following:
    • An annual Hearing Conservation Training class, Respiratory Protection Training class, AHERA class, a Lead Awareness class, DOT training, annual hazardous-waste training, and any additional training required due to regulatory changes
    • Some training requires a passing score on written examination
  • Hazardous Waste Technicians are also required to submit to one or more of the following:
    • An annual fit test, medical evaluation, physical exam, chest x-ray, audiometric exam and a semi-annual Lead/Zinc blood test

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The starting pay rate for this position is $25.82 per hour.