Temporary, Compliance Specialist

  • Walmart
  • Bentonville, AR, USA
  • Oct 29, 2018
Temporary Admin Assistant/Environmental Support EHS - Environmental, Health & Safety Environmental Science - Engineering

Job Description

What you'll do

Manages calendars for leadership by utilizing business knowledge to filter and prioritize requests and identify key attendees; coordinating appointments and calendar needs; anticipating and scheduling meetings up to a year in advance according to corporate and business needs; anticipating and identifying time requirements for pre-meeting work; and monitoring and maintaining calendars and the use of meeting rooms or facilities.

Ensures the accuracy of regulatory data (for example, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation) and trend analyses by compiling regulatory requirement data; analyzing and interpreting data to verify the accuracy of environmental compliance information related to regulated products, wastes, and services; coordinating with suppliers to stay-up-to-date on product characteristics; developing findings and sharing them with stakeholders; updating system data to ensure accurate information; and utilizing and improving systems to drive environmental, safety, health, and transportation programs.

Assesses regulatory product data across Walmart and Sam's departments by auditing data for accuracy; monitoring and troubleshooting reporting systems and procedures; making recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the systems; and educating internal and external stakeholders (for example, buyers, order specialists, suppliers) on regulatory requirements and trends.

Drives financial and business data management for specified area by coordinating the collection of data and information (for example, budgets, human resource data, business performance); compiling, forecasting, reconciling, and sharing divisional data; identifying and escalating business concerns; maintaining security and confidentiality of sensitive information; and receiving, interpreting, and processing invoices and expense reports.

Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders; identifying business needs; determining and carrying out necessary processes and practices; monitoring progress and results; recognizing and capitalizing on improvement opportunities; and adapting to competing demands, organizational changes, and new responsibilities.

Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company standards of ethics and integrity by incorporating these into the development and implementation of business plans; using the Open Door Policy; and demonstrating and assisting others with how to apply these in executing business processes and practices.

Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans by providing expert advice and guidance to others in the application of information and be

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