Marine Biologist III

  • San Diego
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • Oct 05, 2018
Full time Biology - Ecology Fisheries - Marine Science - Aquatic Biology Watershed - Stormwater - Wastewater Wetlands - Coastlines - Floodplains

Job Description


Marine Biologist III positions are responsible for conducting the City's Ocean monitoring activities and assessing any effects of wastewater discharge on the local marine environment. Marine Biologists III supervise marine biology and vessel operations staff in the Marine Biology and Ocean Operations section of the Environmental Monitoring and Technical Services Division of the Public Utilities Department;  participate in oceanographic sampling activities at sea; work aboard the City's ocean monitoring vessels to collect seawater and seafloor sediment samples, marine animal specimens, and other types of oceanographic data; perform species level identifications of marine invertebrates and fishes; perform underwater surveys with remotely operated vehicles; analyze and interpret marine environmental monitoring data; prepare technical narrative reports; use and modify the lab's computer application programs as necessary; perform database administration and data management functions; manage and perform GIS functions and spatial analyses; select, assign, train, and rate the work performance of subordinate professional and technical staff; and perform other duties as assigned.


You must meet the following requirements on the date you apply, unless otherwise indicated.
EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Science, Oceanography (e.g., Biological, Chemical, or Physical) or a closely related field with an emphasis in marine science or environmental health AND at least two upper division marine biology related courses such as Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Oceanography (Biological, Chemical, or Physical), Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology of Marine Fishes or Invertebrates, or Environmental Monitoring.  
EXPERIENCE: Two years of full-time professional level experience in a marine biological or environmental monitoring laboratory.

  • City of San Diego employees using Out-of-Class Assignment (OCA) experience to qualify must submit written documentation signed by their appointing authority or payroll specialist, detailing the work performed, dates, and total number of qualifying OCA hours.  OCA experience without the required documentation will NOT be considered.
  • Additional qualifying professional experience working as a marine or environmental scientist in a professional laboratory (e.g., government, academic and/or research laboratory, private consulting agency) performing environmental/ocean monitoring work may be substituted for education lacked on a year-for-year basis.One year of full-time experience = 30 semester/45 quarter college-level units.
  • A Master's degree or higher in Marine Biology, Marine Ecology, Marine Science, Oceanography (e.g., Biological, Chemical, or Physical) or a closely related field with an emphasis in marine science, or environmental health may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required experience.

LICENSE:  A valid California Class C Driver License may be required at the time of hire.

  • Subject matter expertise in one or more core functions or work areas relevant to the City's Ocean Monitoring Program (e.g., field sampling, laboratory operations, taxonomy and ecology of marine organisms, coastal oceanographic processes, data management, analysis, and reporting).
  • Experience managing scientific projects in the field or laboratory, including planning, implementation, analysis, and reporting phases.
  • Course work in environmental monitoring, water quality monitoring, population and community ecology, statistics/biostatistics, and/or zoology.
  • Knowledge of marine biology, marine ecology and oceanography, environmental chemistry, fish and invertebrate population and community biology, taxonomic principals, and the bioaccumulation of contaminants in marine organisms.
  • Experience using ocean sampling equipment/instrumentation.
  • Experience in taxonomic identifications of benthic marine invertebrates and bottom dwelling (demersal) fishes.
  • Experience in environmental database administration and data management.
  • Experience using various types of software packages such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Seasave, SPSS, SigmaPlot, SYSTAT, InDesign, Dreamweaver, or SharePoint, etc.
  • Experience using programming languages such as R, SAS, Stata, SQL, MATLAB, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript or Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Experience using biostatistics, spatial statistics, and other tools in analyzing and interpreting environmental data.
  • Experience in technical writing and preparing technical reports.
  • Cross-over experience in being able to work across multiple work groups.
  • Experience supervising the work of one or more employees or project team members.

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$64,043.20 - $77,542.40 Annually