OPS Environmental Specialist I - Wekiva River Wild and Scenic River Ambassador

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Sanford, FL, USA
  • Sep 26, 2018
Part time Advocacy and Policy Biology - Ecology Communication - Public Outreach Conservation/ Natural Resources Environmental Science - Engineering Water Quality Watershed - Stormwater - Wastewater Wetlands - Coastlines - Floodplains

Job Description

The Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System Advisory Management Committee (AMC) seeks a River Ambassador (OPS) to coordinate and implement public education and outreach activities of the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan. 

This part-time (maximum of 28 hours/week) position is offered at a fixed rate of $20.00/hr.

This part-time position does not include benefits.

Funding for this position may not be renewed or available after 04/2019.

River Ambassador Duties: 

Promote stewardship of the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System, seek opportunities to relate the importance of its Outstandingly Remarkable Values to others and perform tasks as described in its Comprehensive River Management Plan. 

Partner whenever possible with 1) AMC member agencies and organizations 2) other local stakeholders - especially businesses and residents 3) expanded audiences - particularly governmental - at the regional, state & national levels to provide environmental education programming, promote stewardship, and support research, restoration and protection of this irreplaceable natural resource through

  • K-12 programs in classroom or field settings (Eco-Wekiva)
  • Eco-Paddle programs focusing on river neighbors and Homeowner Associations
  • Individualized stakeholder presentations by audience, subject or issue
    • Environmental groups, HOAs, landscape professionals, elected officials
    • Flora/fauna, excess nutrients, native & Florida Friendly landscaping
    • Water quantity & quality, BMAPs, fertilizer ordinances 

Educate, train and coordinate with volunteers and volunteer organizations on restoration projects such as exotic plant removal, restoration plantings and cleanups. Encourage volunteers to become the River Ambassador’s Wild & Scenic eyes and ears on the river and assist with on-going research. Develop a volunteer recognition program. 

Document activities and collect data for incorporation into quarterly reports to the AMC and to the public, government agencies and officials on request. Provide a spreadsheet quarterly to the AMC containing the activities performed by the River Ambassador and volunteers including names and hours worked. Develop a library for current information, publications, presentations and hands-on demonstrations to facilitate outreach of all types performed by the River Ambassador or provided to others to perform. 

Periodically update and enhance the Wekiva Wild & Scenic River website, engage social media as directed by the AMC, and cultivate relationships with mainstream media: newspaper, radio, TV.  Have accurate and current information on hand and disseminate topical information in a timely manner. Become a reliable source of accurate information on issues that affect the Wekiva Wild and Scenic River. 

Identify opportunities for publicizing the Wekiva National Wild and Scenic River through various medium such as signage, educational publications, and other materials produced by organizations and entities using the river system for their purposes.  


• Ability to follow written and verbal instructions.

• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in written form

• Ability to familiarize oneself with environmental, biological, natural and cultural aspects of the Wekiva River system.

• Ability to work independently, document activities and submit written reports quarterly to the AMC

• Ability to cultivate and maintain productive working relationships with AMC members and their respective agencies/organizations, elected officials and members of the media

• Ability to cultivate and maintain effective relationships with the general public, environmental and volunteer organizations and other applicable stakeholders

• Ability to create and effectively deliver presentations to myriad audiences

• Ability to professionally utilize applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop

• Ability to retain a valid Driver License

• Ability to swim, paddle a canoe/kayak and pass a DEP certification course

• Ability to drive/trailer/launch a motorized vessel and pass a DEP certification course 


• College degree preferred (with major studies in such areas as biology, natural science, ecotourism, education, communications or related fields)

• Appreciation and understanding of the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System, and the applicability of its provisions to local resources

• Ability to develop and produce publications, social media campaigns, blogs, and platforms

• Demonstrated abilities to write about scientific or environmental topics

• Experience with leadership of volunteers

• Outstanding presentation skills

• First aid/CPR certification

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Government- State/Provincial


$20.00 per hour