• Carolina Biological Supply Company
  • Burlington, NC, USA
  • Sep 26, 2018
Full time Biology - Ecology Environmental Science - Engineering

Job Description

  • Assists in the timely fulfillment of customers' orders with high quality whole

    mount, thick section, and thin section prepared microscope slides.

  • Prepares stains, alcohol solutions, adhesives and other chemical needed for specimen preparation and used in mounting, staining, and cleaning prepared microscope slides.

  • Dehydrates specimens by "pouring off" various alcohol based solutions removing

    the water from the specimens.  Also, places tissue in tissue processor for further

    dehydration and embeds dehydrated tissue into plastic or paraffin for sectioning.

  • Dissects materials and prepares specimens for slide production

  • Uses pipet or dropper to remove individual specimens from container, places

    specimens or sectioned tissue onto microscope slide, covers with cover glass.

  • Operates rotary microtome and ultra microtome to cut specimens into sections 

    used for thick section and thin section slides.

  • Stains tissues for better visibility under the microscope by using an automatic

    stainer or by placing specimens in various staining solutions for specified time


  • Cleans slides using a razor blade to trim the edges, labels slides, and places slides

    in a box for orders, slide-set, and kit preparation.

  • Follows oral and written instructions.

  • Performs other duties as assigned

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