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  • BMW Group
  • Spartanburg, SC, USA
  • Sep 14, 2018
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Job Description


Manages, advises and reports the BMW America groups’ compliance in accordance with applicable environmental laws which support the manufacture and distribution operations of motor vehicles. Possesses expert knowledge and familiarity with environmental laws and regulations related to the operations of an automotive manufacturing business and facilities. Monitors and evaluates business operations to determine potential impact on the environment (including any engineering and process changes) that may involve legal or BMW Group environmental requirements. Prepares and maintains all permits and approvals needed from governmental agencies for BMW’s business operations. Prepares submittals required by law (pursuant to terms of permits or otherwise) for BMW’s business operations. Provides to governmental agencies reports, notices or other communications actual or potential issues or events of non-compliance of applicable laws or terms of any permit or approval. Serves as BMW’s management representative to applicable governmental environmental agencies at all levels (including with regard to governmental inspections, audits, findings, enforcement or other legal actions). Develops and maintains professional and collaborative relationship with such governmental agencies. Advises on BMW’s business operations with regard to environmental compliance topics or questions which arise. Conducts environmental impact assessments for any new operation, process, facility, or location (or any significant or material change to existing ones), including environmental testing of real estate (Phase I, II, etc.). Responds to and manages incidents occurring during BMW’s business operations which have an actual or potential impact on the environment or the workforce in a prompt, professional and responsible manner. Develops and implements the training programs on environmental requirements (legal and BMW’s) to BMW employees or other agents. Develops and implements internal BMW corporate policies on environmental compliance, including those geared to ensure appropriate exchange of information from the business operations to the environmental compliance department (such as chemical approval process, process change communications, and the like). Steers the plant and regional environmental targets. Collaborates with central steering functions at BMW Group in Munich with regard to BMW Group environmental targets, policies and sustainability objectives. Partners with business operations to identify and, if appropriate, implement new processes or technologies to minimize environmental impact of business operations or improve environmental sustainability measures. Maintains and improves the environmental management system within BMW; and support BMW in obtaining or maintaining ISO or similar certifications. Conducts benchmarking activities based on available data with other BMW Group facilities, other automotive manufacturers, or other identified constituents. Prepares environmental presentations on BMW’s operations and provides upon request. Develops outreach activities (such as the Earth Day and W.A.I.T. programs) and implement the programs. Participates in strategic alliances with regulatory agencies or environmental interest groups. Conducts evaluations of identified BMW suppliers or other third parties from an environmental impact and compliance perspective. Participates with BMW management to evaluate the internal and external resources needed to implement the environmental management of BMW’s operations in a compliant, responsible, effective, and efficient manner. Manages individuals comprising the environmental compliance team that will be working together to accomplish the defined goals and targets (including setting clear targets, reviewing and addressing performance, identifying and closing competency gaps and training needs). Performs other duties as assigned by management. 

Qualifications and experience

• BA/BS degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, or related discipline. MS degree (preferred). Degree/Training in Corporate Sustainability (preferred).
• 10+ years’ combined experience in environmental management in a manufacturing setting, including air (Title V, PSD, MACT, NSPS, minor source permitting, refrigerants, asbestos, GHG, etc.); waste (solid and hazardous waste management, waste characterization, recycling evaluations, training, transportation, etc.); water (wastewater, storm water, SPCC); CERCLA/EPCRA (including Tier II); UST; site remediation (soil, water, groundwater, etc.); DOT; OSHA; NFPA; IATA; environmental management systems (including ISO 14001, etc.); internal communications and community relations. 
• 10+ years of budget, investment, and personnel management responsibilities (preferred). 
• 10+ years of business experience in the automotive or related industries (preferred). 
• 3+ years’ environmental auditor experience including knowledge of automotive manufacturing industry processes, chemical handling aspects, labeling requirements and disposal techniques. 
• 3+ year’ experience with all of the following: working in a cross functional and international organization, target management processes, decontamination and remediation. 
• 5+ years of experience in conducting root cause analysis. 
• 5+ years of organizational skills experience. 
• 5+ years of skilled usage in MS Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Office Communicator (Skype). 
• 3+ years of experience skilled in hazard identification and risk assessment. 
• 3+ years skilled in qualification in aspect and impact assessment. 
• 3+ years of experience skilled in MS SharePoint at administrator level (preferred). 
• Ability to learn various governmental reporting software programs (TRIME,GRRT, etc.) and BMW systems (QUISS II, Ecofacts, ABIS, etc.) 
• German, Spanish, and/or Portuguese (preferred).

• Preferred licenses and/or Certifications: Licensed Professional Engineer; Registered Environmental Manager; ISO 14001 Lead Auditor; ISO 18001 Lead Auditor; ISO 9001 Lead Auditor; Wastewater Operator License (Class C or better).

BMW Manufacturing Company is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of BMW MC to provide equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all qualified persons regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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