Environmental Scientist 7

  • CDM Smith
  • Edison, NJ, USA
  • Jul 18, 2018
Full time Environmental Science - Engineering Geoscience-Hydrogeology

Job Description

Job Description

As a member of this team, you would contribute to CDM Smith's mission by:

  • Initiating and maintaining extensive contacts with key engineers/scientists and officials of other organizations
  • Overseeing and directing new business development activities
  • Taking responsibility for an important segment of the engineering/scientific program of CDM Smith, which is involved in solving critical environmental problems whose solution require major technological advances and open the way for extensive related development
  • Managing several subordinate organizational segments or teams
  • Recommending facilities, personnel, and funds to implement programs which are directly related with and directed toward the fulfillment of overall CDM Smith objectives
  • Directing and planning the work of a large staff of engineers/scientists and technicians (typically more than 25), some of whom are in positions of Level VI
  • Selecting research problems to further CDM Smith's objectives
  • Conceiving and planning investigations of broad, important, novel areas of study for which precedents are lacking, in areas critical to CDM Smith's overall engineering/scientific program
  • Extensively consulting associates and others, who place a high degree of reliance on your interpretations and advice
  • Typically contributing inventions, new designs, or techniques, which would be regarded as major advances in the field
  • Possibly being assisted on individual projects by other engineers/scientists and technicians

Minimum Qualifications

12 - 15 minimum years of experience since B. S. Registration as Professional Engineer is required for engineering positions. Registration as a licensed Professional Geologist within the resident state (if available, or by a recognized professional society if not) is a requirement for geologist positions. Certification and/or Master's degree in specialty required for most scientist positions (where one exists).

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