Ecosystem Recovery Coordinator

  • Puget Sound Partnership
  • Tacoma, WA, USA
  • Jun 10, 2018
Full time Biology - Ecology Fisheries - Marine Science - Aquatic Biology

Job Description

As the Ecosystem Recovery Coordinator, you will work with local communities, including elected officials, watershed groups, tribes, federal and state agencies, non-profits, and the business community and identify and focus resources to foster specific actions for salmon recovery plans. You will also be responsible for providing team leadership on substantive salmon recovery topics.
Implementation of the Puget Sound Action Agenda requires vital local partnerships. You will be responsible for working with local communities to enhance local integration and implementation of the Action Agenda. You will connect local groups to available technical resources and will assist in developing strategies. You will foster learning and information sharing to improve effectiveness and efficiency across watersheds, local communities, and the region.  You will communicate the needs of local communities to the Partnership and the priorities of the Partnership to local communities.  

We are a small, passionate, mission-driven, team-oriented, and fast-paced organization with an exceptional interdisciplinary staff.  We are looking for experienced and exceptional people to join our team and help lead Puget Sound to recovery.  
If you enjoy networking and protecting our environment, we encourage you to apply!

Some of what you will enjoy doing will include:

Salmon Recovery

  • Work with local coordinators in assigned Puget Sound watersheds to support their development and implementation of watershed planning and adaptive management processes and decision-making for the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan.
  • Support funding mechanisms for salmon recovery efforts in Puget Sound, including the region's role in the Salmon Recovery Funding Board process, Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration Program, and engaging with partner programs including those managed by the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • Maintain weekly or more frequent contact with salmon recovery watershed leads and key partners in assigned geographies to identify needs and opportunities in line with the salmon recovery plan.
  • Respond to public inquiries about salmon recovery in assigned watersheds.
  • Monitor and (where regional assistance is needed) engage in watershed specific projects that advance salmon recovery (e.g. funding and mitigation programs, land protection efforts, etc.)

Local Action Agenda Implementation

  • Work with the Local Integrating Organizations (LIOs) in the assigned Action Area(s).  These LIOs are composed of representatives of local governments, tribes, salmon recovery lead entities, private sector entities, watershed planning units, watershed councils, shellfish protection areas, regional fishery enhancement groups, marine resource committees, nearshore groups, non-governmental organizations, conservation districts, and community groups. 
  • Maintain weekly or more frequent contact with the LIO leads and key partners in assigned geographies to identify needs and opportunities that align with the Action Agenda.
  • Support development of LIO prioritization processes and decision-making.
  • Support reporting requirements for LIO sub-agreements managed by the Partnership's Local Project Implementation Program, including biannual reports to the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) and quarterly reports to EPA on LIO development and progress.
  • If regional support is needed, engage in locally specific projects that advance local implementation of the Action Agenda.

Regional Initiatives and General Engagement

  • Work as part of a team of Ecosystem Recovery Coordinators.
  • Each Ecosystem Recovery Coordinator is assigned regional topics for which they are team or agency lead. The roles and responsibilities for regional topic leads are further defined in the PDPs of the staff.
  • Inform and support watersheds and local communities on Puget Sound Partnership, Action Agenda, and salmon recovery requirements for management and reporting.
  • Support regional meetings as needed, including those for the agency's three Boards, the Salmon Recovery Council, and associated subcommittees.
  • Manage contracts and sub-agreements with local areas and watersheds, including tracking progress, approving invoices, and negotiating new scopes of work.
  • Help connect watershed groups and local communities to technical resources to support salmon recovery and Action Agenda implementation.
  • Support initiating and completing priority actions to implement the Action Agenda and the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan at the local and regional scale.


A Master's degree in natural resource management or related field and five (5) years of professional experience

Bachelor's degree and eight (8) years of professional experience.
Experience should include some of the following:

  • Knowledge of ecosystem–based management
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and regional funding programs and annual/biennial funding cycles
  • Knowledge of ecology and population biology of salmonids
  • Knowledge of Endangered Species Act recovery planning
  • Experience in managing contracts, monitoring and tracking progress
  • Experience working with local jurisdictions and tribes
  • Experience with adaptive management and natural resource planning
  • Knowledge of institutions governing and implementing key habitat, harvest, and hatchery management programs
  • Familiarity with state legislative process

*Frequent travel to project sites and partner meetings throughout Puget Sound.
*Valid driver's license and insurance.

  • Experience in Open Standards or natural resource monitoring
  • General understanding of market-based funding mechanisms, such as in-lieu fee and other conservation banking
  • General understanding of climate science and key players in the region
  • Familiarity with water pollution prevention
  • Familiarity with shellfish ecology
  • Knowledge of the Puget Sound Action Agenda
  • Knowledge of the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan
  • Experience in conflict resolution/mediation between parties over natural resource issues

Required Competencies.

  • Communicates Effectively – Is effective in a variety of communication settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels. Attentively listens to others. Articulates messages in a way that is broadly understandable. Adjusts communication content and style to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.
  • Manages Complexity – Asks the right questions to accurately analyze situations. Acquires data from multiple and diverse sources when solving problems. Evaluates pros and cons, risks and benefits of different solution options. Looks beyond the obvious and doesn't stop at the first answers.
  • Collaborates – Models collaboration across the organization. Facilitates an open dialogue with a wide variety of contributors and stakeholders. Promotes high visibility of shared contributions to goals.
  • Plans & Aligns – Focuses on highest priorities and sets aside less critical tasks. Breaks down objectives into appropriate initiatives and actions. Stages activities with relevant milestones and schedules. Anticipates and adjusts effective contingency plans.
  • Strategic Mindset – Anticipates future trends and implications accurately. Readily poses future scenarios. Articulates credible pictures and visions of possibilities that will create sustainable value.
  • Ensures Accountability – Follows through on commitments and makes sure others do the same. Acts with a clear sense of ownership. Takes personal responsibility for decisions, actions, and challenges. Provides balanced feedback at the most critical times. 

Supplemental Information

In addition to completing the online application, applicants must attach the following documents to their profile in order to be considered for this position:

  • A letter of interest, describing how you meet the specific qualifications for this position;
  • A current resume, detailing experience, and education; and
  • A list of at least three (3) professional references with current telephone numbers.


  • The initial screening will be based solely on the contents and completeness of the "duties summary" section of your application in, completeness of the application material submitted, and the supplemental questionnaire.
  • A resume will not substitute for completing the "duties summary" section of the application. Responses to the supplemental questionnaire regarding work experience must be reflected in the "duties summary" section of the application.
  • By submitting materials you are indicating that all information is true and correct. The state may verify information. Any untruthful or misleading information is cause for removal from the applicant pool or dismissal if employed.

 Should you have any questions regarding this position or the online application, contact Angie Anderson at (360) 407-8446 or jobs@des.wa.govThe State of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. Persons with a disability who need assistance with their application or that need this announcement in an alternative format, may call (360) 664-1960 or toll free (877) 664-1960. TTY users should first call 711 to access the Washington Relay Service.

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$60,000.00 - $69,000.00 Annually