Redwoods Rising Fellow 

  • Save the Redwoods League
  • Humboldt County, CA, USA
  • May 14, 2018
Graduate Assistant/Fellowship Biology - Ecology Communication - Public Outreach Conservation/ Natural Resources Forestry

Job Description

Redwoods Rising Fellow   

2 year funded position through Save the Redwoods League’s Forest Fellowship program, providing post‐graduate opportunities for emerging natural resource professionals in support of the field of redwood forest  restoration.)

Save the Redwoods League is looking for a collaborative and energetic individual aspiring to become a natural  resource professional, who will work to build natural resource management capacity on the conservation lands  of California’s north coast.  The north coast is home to the majority of the world’s remaining old growth coast  redwood forest, as well as large tracts of former timberland now owned by public agencies for conservation  purposes.  Industrial timberland, small private forest landowners, homesteaders, Native American tribes, and a  burgeoning cannabis farming industry all represent significant ownership types in the region. This complex  ecological and social context is made further challenging by the remoteness of the landscape. The Redwoods  Rising Fellow will enhance the forest restoration capacity of Redwoods Rising – a collaboration between Save  the Redwoods League, the National Park Service, and California State Parks to accelerate the pace of redwood  forest recovery and help protect Redwood National and State Parks’ remaining old‐growth groves. 

Based in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties and working directly with collaboration partner agencies, the Fellow  will work to advance the initiative by coordinating logistical support for the Redwoods Rising governance teams;  overseeing the day‐to‐day activities of a team of Restoration Apprentices; providing technical expertise and  support to ecological restoration projects; and supporting funding and outreach efforts.   


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