Undergraduate Education & Outreach Coordinator, Office for Sustainability/FAS Green Program

  • Harvard University
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Apr 16, 2018
Climate Change/ Resiliency Communication - Public Outreach Energy Efficiency Environmental Science - Engineering Sustainability

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Engage with the student population

  • Continually engage undergraduate population to understand their priorities & their baseline knowledge of sustainability.  Act as a resource for students.
  • Oversee and mentor ~ 20 undergraduate student employees (REP) by providing guidance and feedback to students with a focus on student leadership development including interviewing & hiring.
  • Manage the work load and accountability for the student employees (REP) including self-directed experiential learning experiences designed to integrate sustainability into operational procedures and mitigate the impacts of climate change and enhance human health.
  • Manage the undergraduate think tank, Green#, which consists of guiding volunteer students toward larger projects of their choosing, many of which have been scalable and impacted the entire campus.
  • Design and run comprehensive orientation programming including coordinating and implementing program logistics to engage freshmen including but not limited to Proctor presentation, Move-In Day, Freshman Green Fair, Welcome Back event booth, Activities Fair, etc.
  • Advise on broad university-wide efforts to engage students, i.e. Campus Sustainability Innovation Fund (CSIF), student grants and capital projects.

 Design Student Engagement Campaigns

  • Design projects, campaigns, competitions to measure and elucidate the resource consumption of our campus (for instance, measure heating flows in dorms, and the electricity consumption of the Houses.)
  • Interpret and present the data in actionable ways using data theory.
  • Support OPRP and FAS Green Program colleagues to help identify metrics/KPIs to measure progress as well technical innovations for a range of sustainability initiatives related to building operations. 
  • Design, oversee and coordinate outreach and educational campaigns for the REP Program, specifically focused on the goals, standards and commitments articulated in the University-wide Sustainability Plan and aligned with institutional change related to sustainability, and with an eye towards implementation in the freshmen dormitories, upperclassmen Houses, and GSAS residence halls.
  • Envision, develop or re-imagine new large “flagship” projects designed to engage, coalesce and magnify the undergraduates’ voice to senior FAS administration in order to advocate for institutional change (i.e. create an electricity reduction competition across the Houses and leverage the students’ competitive spirit to drive the administration to explore physical changes and programmatic changes to the buildings).

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Based upon students’ priorities, work with FAS senior leadership to identify opportunities for integration of sustainability into operational procedures in residences to mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • Assist House Building Managers with implementing Energy Conservation Measures and meeting the expectations of Harvard’s sustainability goals, standards and commitments.
  • Build strategic partnerships and collaborate with key groups to implement sustainability programming through partnerships with offices across the campusto better understand undergraduates’ priorities and identify synergies among our work.
  • Manage the REP Steering Committee comprised of senior facility leaders throughout the University, as well as any additional advisory committees. 
  • Liaise between the building occupants in the FAS/GSAS residential dorms and the teams at FAS OPRP & the FAS Green Program.
  • Advise OFS & GBS (Green Building Services) on student outreach for green building renovations, and major annual events related to sustainability.
  • Solicit support from the Office for Sustainability (OFS) CORE team on initiatives with university-wide potential or for projects that involve academic/faculty engagement.
  • Support staff engagement through FAS-wide events, e.g. bi-annual Freecycles, monthly TED Talk screenings.

Basic qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree required
  • 1-2 years of direct experience in campus sustainability, institutional change, and/or facility energy reduction strategies

Technology Skills Required:

  • Experience with all Microsoft Office applications is necessary; basic graphic design and data analysis skills are highly desirable

Additional qualifications:

  • Graduate degree preferred
  • Experience collecting, analyzing and presenting data to understand and drive decision making
  • Experience working with and mentoring college age students preferred
  • Demonstrated commitment to sustainability
  • Excellent and proven communication, team work and relationship building skills
  • Demonstrated ability to envision feasible new projects, inspire others, and effect behavioral change amongst a large, diverse population
  • Must be able to initiate and implement projects with teams and often without immediate oversight
  • Project management skills preferred
  • Must be able to work effectively in a dynamic and rapidly changing organizational setting
  • Requires flexibility to adjust schedule to work outside normal business hours including but not limited to early morning hours, evening hours and weekends to accommodate student meetings and events. 

Additional Information

Duties & Responsibilities continued...

Communicate progress and success

  • Integrate data into campaigns and messaging to inform decision making by administration.
  • Write case studies, web stories and program updates monthly.
  • Share information developed centrally by OFS around broader sustainability issues.
  • Understand social media and integrate it into campaigns and programming to drive engagement.
  • Oversee the creation of engagement materials such as handouts and signage for REP campaigns.
  • Gather and maintain data and prepare and present bi-annual program reports.

Perform management and administrative duties necessary to manage the program

  • Monitors the program budget and expenditures, which includes managing day-to-day expenses, projecting/forecasting future financial needs and processing weekly student payroll to stay within budget.
  • Interview and hire ~ 25 undergraduates (REP Program).
  • Work on other projects as assigned.

About the Harvard Office for Sustainability and FAS (Faculty of Arts & Sciences) Green Program
Harvard University has a decades-long commitment to confronting the global challenges of climate change and sustainable development through its research, teaching, and institutional action. The Office for Sustainability (OFS) plays a pivotal role in bringing together students, faculty, and staff to use the campus as a living laboratory for piloting and proving solutions that enhance intergenerational well-being and lead to a fossil fuel-free future. Our efforts are driven by a University-wide Sustainability Plan and ambitious climate goals to be fossil fuel-free by 2050 and fossil fuel-neutral by 2026. 
This is an exciting opportunity to join our team of passionate, dedicated, high-energy sustainability professionals working to change policies and behaviors at Harvard and beyond. The Office for Sustainability is a fast pasted, dynamic, quickly changing and growing organization and we look for talented, passionate individuals who thrive in this environment.
Visit the Sustainability at Harvard website, http://www.green.harvard.edu for more information.


Academic Institution


Minimum: $54,315 Max: $86,430