Project Scientist

  • Weston Solutions, Inc.
  • Anchorage, Alaska, USA
  • Mar 21, 2018
Full time Conservation/ Natural Resources Environmental Science - Engineering Forestry Geoscience-Hydrogeology Watershed - Stormwater - Wastewater

Job Description


The Project Scientist provides clients with accurate and pertinent scientific data according to agreed upon methods, procedures, and techniques.  Provides sound conclusions and recommenda­tions based upon field investigations and literature reviews within the established project schedules.

Expected Outcomes

  • Scopes sections of proposals.  Evaluates the type of work to be performed, the location and frequency of sampling and the estimation of manhours needed and available to perform the proposed work.
  • Implements field programs in the sampling and identification of species appropriate to the assigned projects.
  • Obtains all data as prescribed by the scope of work and presents it in a logical, coherent manner.  Prepares written reports, tables, figures and illustrations.
  • Conducts laboratory analysis appropriate to the proper identification and evaluation of samples (if applica­ble).
  • Conducts literature searches to compile pertinent information and evaluates and correlates the compiled literature to the adequate disciplines.
  • As assigned, assists, reviews and/or evaluates on-going projects in their specialty.
  • Maintains a current knowledge of the recent works in the field for application on existing and proposed projects.
  • Recommends improvements in sampling techniques, labora­tory methods, and system design.
  • Conducts specific phases (tasks, subtasks) for a project.
  • Exercises judgment on applicability of methods and approaches in use, and determines novel and ingenious approaches to problem solving when standard procedures are inadequate.
  • Given results desired, determines best method of data gathering, data base management, and analysis of data to achieve goals.
  • Provides technical expertise for, and assists in, prepa­ration of project proposals.
  • Plans all phases of field survey efforts, trains person­nel in survey procedures, directs efforts of survey personnel over state-wide area, and analyzes data obtained.
  • Applies diversified knowledge and managerial experience to a wide variety of assignments in different fields.
  • Uses specialized knowledge in field of expertise (for­estry, hydrology) to answer questions, make recommenda­tions and draw conclusions concerning various projects.
  • On standardized projects within a specialty, assumes responsibility for completion of all phases of project other than those given to outside specialists.
  • Consults with outside specialists to obtain most accu­rate and timely data possible.  Coordinates completion of work by outside specialists to meet project specifi­cations and time tables.
  • Maintains client contact to ensure satisfaction with technical efforts during project execution.
  • Prepares reports on methods and procedures as part of overall project report, or as end product of project tasks and subtasks.
  • Extracts, collates and analyzes data from secondary sources to meet project objectives.
  • Produces quality samples and sampling techniques from which sound scientific data can be drawn into relevant and pertinent evaluation reports to the client's satisfaction.
  • Provides completed projects including draft and final reports within the established budget and schedule.
  • Provides accurate identification of specimens and/or sound ecological assessment and evaluations.
  • Develops high level of current discipline exper­tise for application to both current and future client work

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • BS or BA in natural sciences plus 5 years experience.
  • Data Management
  • Training in and use of the scientific method
  • Some personnel supervision
  • Various exposure to technical and scientific procedures
  • Decision making
  • People skills for client contact and personnel management
  • Great ability to be flexible and adaptable.

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