Conservation Acceleration Manager

  • Wildlife Conservation Network
  • San Francisco, California
  • Mar 17, 2018
Advocacy and Policy Business Development Communication - Public Outreach Conservation/ Natural Resources

Job Description

The Wildlife Conservation Network is a rapidly growing leader in wildlife conservation, working in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. WCN uses its collaborative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and philanthropically generous approach to wildlife conservation to reverse crises facing threatened species. In support of WCN’s mission to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats by supporting entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue innovative strategies for people and wildlife to coexist and thrive, WCN has two main conservation strategies:

1. Field Program Support: Develop and support a strong network of highly effective conservationists worldwide to maximize conservation impacts across a diverse set of species. WCN identifies and supports these entrepreneurial leaders with access to donors and a range of resources and tools they need to be successful, including financial and technical investments.

2. Range-Wide Species Funds: Implement Wildlife Crisis and Recovery Funds to enhance range-wide impact for select species, through catalytic project level investments in the best ideas.

WCN’s dedicated and diverse team values the people and relationships behind conservation as much as the science and strategy to save wildlife. We are looking for an experienced, collaborative professional with a conservation background who can apply their skills, creativity, and passion towards enhancing the institutional and technical capacity of each institution in the WCN Network.

At the highest level, this position is responsible for strategic technical support to WCN’s Partner organizations.  S/he develops and deploys multidisciplinary services to WCN Partners to enhance their institutional sustainability and technical capacity in order to achieve their missions. S/he supports conservation partners in the development of new, or acceleration of existing major conservation initiatives within their organizations that can amplify their mission delivery.  S/he is also responsible for managing and promoting WCN’s Conservation Acceleration Fund, which invests in individuals, institutions, and innovations across the WCN Partner network. S/he is also responsible for measuring and communicating the results of all financial and technical investments made by WCN in our Conservation Partners and Network. 

Like all staff, the position will engage with WCN leadership in broadening and deepening our donor support for WCN Partners, Crisis and Recovery Funds, as well as broader WCN needs.

Specific tasks include:

Partner Services (75%)

  • Partner Capacity-Building: Responsible for the allocation, design, coordination, and deployment of technical capacity-building services to WCN Partners (whether deployed directly by WCN staff or indirectly through external partnerships and contracts with service providers). S/he is responsible for the identification, prioritization, and meeting of such needs in the most effective, efficient, and creative means available.  Major components of this will include:
    • Training Workshops: Design, execution, and impact measurement of thematically-driven training at WCN workshops and in other training venues as appropriate.
    • CAF Management: Manage the deployment of financial support from WCN’s Conservation Acceleration Fund (CAF) for initiatives and interventions prioritized through WCN’s Capacity Development Tool, including streamlining the application, reporting, and tracking of CAF requests and investments.
    • Cross-Partner Exchanges: Manage WCN’s cross-partner exchange program, identifying the highest Return-On-Investment interactions among partners that strengthens each institution and builds a more robust and supportive conservation network.
    • Evaluation: Track, monitor, and report on the deployment of financial and technical services provided by WCN staff or external consultants, and make recommendations to ensure the highest Return on Investment of donor support. 
    • CDT Management: Deployment and adaptive management of WCN’s Capacity Development Tool (CDT), an assessment guide for institutional strengths and growth areas. S/he is responsible for ensuring that CDT results drive WCN’s financial and technical interventions to strengthen the sustainability and institutional success of WCN Partners.
  • External Partnerships: Responsible for developing new external partnerships that can deliver services to WCN partner organizations more efficiently and that can support multiple partners with common capacity needs.
  • Partner Documentation: Accountable for processing and monitoring all relevant partner documents (agreements, plans, and reports) throughout the year, including internal review, response, and dissemination of reports.  Manage WCN processes for our support to Partners, and adapt and improve systems as needed. 
  • Program Management: Over time, serve as Program Manager for up to four WCN partner organizations.

Partner Communications and Fundraising (25%)

  • Story Identification: Accountable for harvesting compelling stories from CAF reports, partner reports, and other communications, and work closely with WCN’s Communications Team to share internally and externally to promote the impact of Partners and of the WCN Network
  • Development of CAF Communications Plan: Together with the Vice President of Conservation Programs, Director of Conservation Programs, and WCN’s Communications Team, s/he is responsible for developing and supporting the execution of a fundraising and communications plan for WCN’s Conservation Acceleration Fund.
  • Network Newsletter: Accountable for the development and dissemination of a regular network newsletter that facilitates knowledge sharing and communication among WCN and partners.
  • Support Fundraising Efforts: As with all WCN staff, the Conservation Acceleration Manager will support fundraising efforts for individual partners, the Conservation Acceleration Fund, and WCN, ranging from personal interactions with supporters, to the delivery of information and reports that compel deeper and continued support by donors. 

Experience and Skills

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in international grassroots conservation, including capacity-building and program evaluation.
  • Master’s or higher degree in conservation science or related field preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills across different cultures, with a strong client-driven and donor-driven ethic.
  • Strong program management and communication skills, with an attention to detail.
  • Entrepreneurial and self-directed.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to operate in and enjoy a collaborative, horizontal, team-oriented culture. Willingness to work at all levels.
  • Strong natural alignment with WCN’s Core Values.
  • Integrity beyond reproach and a passion for conservation.

Reports to: Director of Conservation Programs 

Benefits: This full-time position is based in San Francisco, California and will include health and retirement benefits. Salary will be based on experience and qualifications.

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Salary will be based on experience and qualifications.