Herb Production Supervisor

  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Eugene, OR, USA
  • Feb 25, 2018
Full time Business Development Communication - Public Outreach

Job Description

General Description: Mountain Rose Herbs is a progressive company seeking dedicated and enthusiastic individuals for our Herb Production Supervisor.  This position works under strict deadlines and under strict operating procedures.  Inventory control, employee relations, production, and good record keeping.

Requirements: We are looking to fill full time staff positions. We are looking an applicant with the ability to work Monday thru Friday 12:30 - 9pm

This is a fast-paced, deadline-driven general warehouse environment. Attention to detail while working efficiently, with adherence to regulations and protocols are absolute requirements. Ability to learn our processes.

Basic knowledge of or background in production/order filling, packing and shipping orders, and computer/data entry skills are helpful. Knowledge and experience in organic handling, quality control measures, and inventory. Our order fulfillment and inventory is highly computerized and a basic working knowledge of computer systems and inventory management systems is necessary.

 Essential Job Functions:

  1. Following MRH procedures and protocols
  2. Dependability: is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction, and solicits feedback for improved performance.
  3. Maintaining a system for productivity accountability with benchmark goals. Ensure that all staff are adequately trained in all areas, as needed, to perform their jobs.
  4. Timely and effective communication with the Director of Warehouse Operations as to the status of key projects as well as daily updates on tasks and overall workload
  5. Excellent communication skills both verbal and in writing
  6. Thorough knowledge and understanding of all herb production and decanting functions to include reporting and record keeping requirements.
  7. Responsible for investigating inaccuracies, problems, and other system breakdowns as they occur. Work with the Director of Warehouse Operations by presenting solutions and implement needed improvements as determined. Ensuring ongoing monitoring and follow through on any noted and/or potentially problematic areas
  8. Understand the critical nature of confidentiality in the workplace and especially the protection of confidential employee/employer information.
  9. Maintains a safe working environment and ensuring that all staff are following safety protocols
  10. Oversee and provide training for new and current staff to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, policies, procedures and protocols.
  11. Implement necessary changes to SOP as directed, train staff and monitor progress.
  12. Responsible for all scheduling of staff to include time off requests, monitoring break times and meal breaks.
  13. Working with the Director of Warehouse Operations and HR for any/all disciplinary issues. Deal with any necessary discipline which results from tardiness, or incomplete job performance, by confronting that individual (initiating a chat, documenting the issue, what was said to the staff person and the staff member’s response) getting signatures when appropriate.
  14. Working closely with multiple departments such as QC, Regulatory, and Safety
  15. Keeping a written account of all personal discussions or confrontations that occur (both formal and informal), having employees sign all written check in, evaluations, or pertinent discussions when necessary.
  16. Facilitating staff meetings regularly, addressing new information that staff should know, and discussing difficulties, changes in procedures, new products and upcoming events.
  17. Keeping an organized and accurate filing system (both physical and electronic) of the information relevant to herb production management, this includes any work or information handed down from upper management, paperwork involving any staffing discussion or evaluation, phone lists, time off requests etc. and training manuals.  Being sure that HR receives necessary information for the personnel files.
  18. The Herb Production Manager must always be aware, follow and enforce rules laid out not only in the Employee Handbook but any/all applicable laws and guidelines for employee privacy, confidentiality, etc.
  19. Willingness to learn and perform new procedures, equipment, and technologies
  20. Other Duties as Assigned

Minimum Requirements and Equipment Used:

  • Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, other basic computer programs, and existing record keeping software
  • Knowledge of and proper operation of a pallet jack, fork lift and company vehicles
  • Heavy Lifting may be required, up to 75 lbs
  • Demonstrate flexibility with changing daily demands
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Mobility and able to change work locations as needed
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Accountability and reliability
  • Capable of working efficiently and independently
  • Commitment to following all safety protocols, proper material handling procedures and all applicable regulations.

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