Megan Dickie Leadership Fund Legal Clerk

  • The Wilderness Society
  • Denver, CO, USA
  • Feb 08, 2018
Internship- Paid Advocacy and Policy Environmental & Energy Law

Job Description

The Wilderness Society (TWS) is seeking a highly motivated incoming third-year law student for a paid summer law clerk position in our Denver, CO office. 

About the Organization

TWS is the leading American conservation organization working to protect our nation’s shared wildlands. Founded 1935, we work to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places. We believe that public lands belong to and should benefit all of us. Our organization and work must embody the cultures and perspectives of people and communities across our nation, and connect and inspire people to care about the outdoors. TWS’s Denver Office houses our Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Forest Action Centers, which are internal TWS teams focused on land use planning and policy. 
Megan Dickie Wilderness Leadership Fund

The position is funded by the Megan Dickie Wilderness Leadership Fund (see attached brochure). The fund was created in 2017 to honor and sustain Megan Dickie’s passion for wilderness, dedication to inspiring others to protect wild places, and commitment to expanding the cadre of public lands advocates. Megan was a talented TWS attorney and policy expert who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35. The fund is designed to provide career building opportunities for law students of all backgrounds, expanding our reach and shaping new leaders for the future of conservation. The position will play an important role in supporting an inclusive organizational culture that is grounded in trust and accountability to shared goals and outcomes. TWS has made diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic priorities. We aspire to be campaign oriented, nimble, collaborative, innovative, transparent, and supportive of staff and law clerks – our greatest asset.


Clerkship Overview
The law clerk will assist our team of Action Center attorneys and policy experts with protecting and defending important conservation policies and protections for our shared public lands. The clerk will conduct legal and policy research and analysis that will help advance defensive campaigns and legal strategies. The work is likely to include:

  • Drafting memoranda, fact sheets, white papers, and comments on a variety of BLM and National Forest laws, policies, and planning or project efforts;

  • Reviewing and identifying legal deficiencies in agency environmental analysis documents and writing detailed, substantive comments to the agency advocating for more protective outcomes and preserving future litigation options;

  • Researching new, innovate legal arguments to defend against the current administration’s efforts to reverse existing protections for federal public lands;

  • Attending meetings with conservation partners and agency decision-makers; and

  • Visiting the public lands we are working to protect.

The clerk will receive a stipend as compensation for his/her work and to assist with the costs of relocating to Denver for the summer. The stipend will include a competitive hourly wage, plus a minimum $1,500 to assist with relocation costs. The clerkship will run for 8-12 weeks. 

Critical Skill Sets
Ideal candidates will excel at conducting legal and policy research, analyzing complex legal questions, and concisely reporting their findings. This position requires some familiarity with administrative law, agency rulemaking, and the policies/practices of the executive and legislative branches of government. Successful candidates will meet the following criteria:

  • Incoming third-year law student;
  • Strong interest in government policymaking and administrative procedures;
  • Excellent interpersonal, research, writing, and oral communications skills;
  • Ability to work quickly under deadline/on rapid response;
  • Ability to spend the summer in Denver, CO, with opportunities to visit and connect with the public lands TWS works to protect;
  • An interest in environmental conservation and desire to protect natural and wild places for all people.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, a short writing sample (no more than 10 pages), and 2-3 references through the online applications system. We will contact qualified applicants to schedule interviews on a rolling-basis.

TWS is an equal opportunity employer and actively works to ensure fair treatment of our employees and constituents across culture, socioeconomic status, race, marital or family situation, gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, physical ability, veteran status or sexual orientation.


As an organization, we aspire to be inclusive in the work that we do, and in the kind of organization we are. Internally this means working as a team that listens to different points of view, recognizes the contributions of every employee and empowers each employee to bring their whole selves to work every day. Externally this means ensuring that public lands are inclusive and welcoming, so that our shared wildlands can help people and nature to thrive. We are committed to equity throughout our work, which we define as our commitment to realizing the promise of our public lands and ensuring that all can share in their universal benefits. To learn more about our commitment, please see

Job Level



Nonprofit- NGO


18.0000 (USD) Hourly