Assistant Director of Capital Programs, Environmental Management

  • East Boston, MA, United States
  • Jun 20, 2017
Full time EHS - Environmental, Health & Safety Sustainability

Job Description

Purpose: Develops and implements Massport-wide environmental policies and programs.  Responsible for the management of the Environmental Management and Safety Units.

Essential Tasks of the Job:

Manages the Environmental Management and Safety units within the Capital Programs Department to create and recommend environmental policies, strategies and programs in coordination with Massport's mission and goals.
1. Works with operating departments to develop short and long-term strategic priorities to prevent environmental impacts at and from all Massport facilities.

2. Establishes capital and operating budgets in accordance with strategic priorities.

3. Interacts with operating unit directors, executive administration and board members, community groups, regulators, consultants, contractors, tenants and others as appropriate on any environmental issues.

4. Manages and maintains all environmental correspondence with regulatory agencies.

Oversees the development and implementation of formal policies and verifiable objectives for certification of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to the ISO 14001 standard.
1. Incorporates new sustainability objectives and targets into existing EMS Program.

2. Leads EMS team meetings with Massport managers, employees and consultants.

3. Develops and maintains Massport-wide policies and procedures required for EMS documentation.

4. In accordance with ISO 14001, manages internal and external EMS Audits and Management Review Meetings and performs or directs facility representatives to perform corrective actions if necessary.

5. Ensures individual facility compliance with EMS programs and updates facility-specific documentation to retain certification and promote continual improvement.

6. Directs facility representatives in all facets of implementation of EMS.

7. Develops and conducts facility-specific on-site EMS training as required.

Manages department staff and annual capital and operating budgets.
1. Reviews workload, schedules, personnel assignments, status of on going work, projects, and available human resources for work assignment in order to plan unit activities.

2. Assigns specific duties to personnel, and special projects, considering individual knowledge and experience.

3. Reviews and approves reports, papers, and other records prepared by personnel for clarity, completeness, accuracy, and conformance with agency policies.

4. Coordinates work activities of unit with other units, sections, or agencies to prevent delays in actions required or to improve services to public.

5. Plans and conducts, or arranges for, orientation and training of personnel.

6. Approves leave requests, evaluates performance, and initiates disciplinary actions.

Directs and coordinates all regulatory filings, design, construction, and operation of all remediation activities to meet Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) requirements.
1. Directs and monitors construction of remedial activities including but not limited to soil and/or groundwater contamination and tank removals.

2. Prioritizes remediation activities based on operating unit budgets and competing needs.

3. Ensures proper filings for remediation.

4. Directs and manages Emergency Response activities at all facilities in the event of a spill or other incident in accordance with 310 CMR 30 and 40, Massachusetts Hazardous Waste and MCP regulations.

Develops and implements strategy to minimize potential pollution from Massport and tenant activities.
1. Ensures compliance with Title V, NOx RACT, AP source registration and other air quality regulations.

2. Ensures compliance with NPDES individual and stormwater permits and other water quality regulations.

3. Manages the development, implementation and maintenance of the Massport Recycling Program.

4. Manages the environmental audit program and performs site inspections of Massport and tenant operations to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and determines audit schedules based on risk factors.

5. Works with various Massport departments and tenants to rectify any non-compliance issues.

6. Develops and implements Massport-wide environmental training.

7. Works with the Human Resources training unit staff to identify training needs and develop curriculum and programs to facilitate Massport and tenant environmental compliance.

8. Oversees preparation and publication of quarterly tenant environmental health and safety newsletter.

Oversees the sustainability, climate adaption, and resiliency programs.
1. Supervises the evaluation and prioritization areas for sustainability efforts including recycling/solid waste.

2. Supervises the goals and performance metrics to monitor and evaluate program effectiveness. 

3. Supervises work to advance sustainable adaptation practices throughout Massport operations; manages programs and projects related to climate preparedness, and makes recommendations to the Assistant Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Management to enhance the social, environmental, operational and fiscal well-being of Massport.

4. Reviews budgets and schedules, oversees and critiques work products, reviews and approves invoices.

5. Leads the efforts to meet greenhouse gas emission goals; supports efforts to prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.

Provides all forms of environmental technical assistance to all Massport departments as needed.
1. Develops environmental requirements for all Massport Operating departments to outline Massport's environmental obligations with regard to spill response, hazardous waste manifest processing, pollution prevention plan implementation, etc.

2. Works with department heads to promote environmental compliance and continual improvement.


Represents Massport at community, agency and other meetings. 

Monitors industry advancements in technology, regulatory and environmental issues relevant to Massport.

Establishes effective working relationships with Massport operating departments, regulatory agencies, and state and local government.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements and Qualifications

EDUCATION: Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science, Engineering or equivalent professional work experience required. Master's degree preferred. Professional engineer's license and/or LSP license in related field preferred.

EXPERIENCE:  7-10 years' experience in environmental management including Massachusetts Contingency Plan remediation and compliance required. Prior multi-disciplinary management and progressive supervisory experience required. 

1. Working knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulation Part 77.

2. Extensive knowledge of federal and state environmental regulations.

3. Demonstrated experience in regulatory negotiations related permit applications and/or consent order settlement.

4. Demonstrated ability to analyze and resolve administrative and management issues.

5. Ability to lead a team of professionals to high performance.

6. Ability to pass airfield driving test and obtain Aerodrome Ramp and Apron License.

7. Ability to pass a Massport controlled substances test and security background checks.

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