Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute

Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute (“the Institute”) is a collaborative effort of multiple organizations that have come together to foster a “restoration economy” in which diverse livelihoods support and restore healthy natural systems and support prosperous and vibrant communities in the US – Mexico borderlands.  The Institute provides a year-around restoration fellowship and internship program, a summer field school with world-class faculty, and an organizational home where organizations, communities and individuals work together on cutting-edge programs and projects.   

The Institute was created in June 2016 with the support of the Biophilia Foundation and five partners organizations – Cuenca Los Ojos, Borderlands Restoration, Deep Dirt Institute, Borderlands Habitat Network, and Wildlife Corridors. Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute is a non-profit LLC subsidiary of Borderlands Habitat Network, a 501c3 public charity. Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute is guided by broad-based Institute Council and a board that provide for collaboration and leadership by organizations, communities and individuals dedicated to the Institute’s mission.