Washington Department of Natural Resources

In 1957, the legislature created the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to manage state trust lands for the people of Washington. Under the elected leadership of the Commissioner of Public Lands, DNR manages seven specific trusts to generate revenue and preserve forests, water, and habitat. DNR now manages 5.6 million acres of forest, range, agricultural, aquatic, and commercial lands for more than $200 million in annual financial benefit for public schools, state institutions, and county services.   Our mission: In partnership with citizens and governments, the Washington State DNR provides innovative leadership and expertise to ensure environmental protection, public safety, perpetual funding for schools and communities, and a rich quality of life.

Washington Department of Natural Resources Olympia, WA, USA
Jan 08, 2019
Full time
POSITION PROFILE:   These Compliance Team Leader positions, Natural Resource Specialist 2 (NRS2), report to the Dive Team Safety Supervisor (NRS5) within the Geoduck Fishery Compliance section of the Natural Resources Police unit, and leads four (4) Compliance Officers (NRS1's) who perform daily contract compliance and diving activities.    The incumbent leads one of two field oriented work units that monitor the Commercial Wildstock Geoduck Fishery for DNR.  Each of these work units is comprised of a Compliance Team Leader (NRS2) and the Compliance Officers who collectively perform daily activities as Compliance Officers and Divers in overseeing the state's enforcement of contractual agreements for the Wild Stock Commercial Geoduck Fishery.  This position routinely transitions between work units as lead and functions cohesively as part of a single compliance team and accomplish assigned tasks and perform operations.  Performs professional and skilled technical functions and contract administration duties throughout Puget Sound and other navigable marine waters of the state.  All diving is conducted under the established DNR policies described in the DNR Dive Safety Manual.  This position is assigned responsibility to specific pieces of DNR equipment used in managing the state Geoduck Fishery (example: DNR compliance vessel). Qualifications REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Key Knowledge and Skills: Knowledge of state personnel system.  Provides leadership, mentor's and supports employees.  Supports a diverse work force, including affirmative action, interpersonal communication, delegating responsibility and authority, mentoring and supporting employees, creating common goals and providing leadership. Experienced SCUBA Diver with documented Training and Experience in scientific, commercial, technical, or advanced recreational diving activities acceptable to the DNR Dive Team Supervisors. Ability to safely trailer, tow, and operate vessels in a variety of weather and traffic conditions. Ability to track vessels, crewmembers & divers, record and correctly calculate weights to verify shellfish catch records (fish tickets), and to fully complete daily vessel logs. Ability to think clearly, communicates effectively and concisely, and takes appropriate action under both normal working conditions and under adverse conditions or emergency response situations. Ability to operate GPS-chart plotter, Radar, VHF radios and other communication devices such as cell phones or emergency beacons. Ability to write reports clearly and concisely. Ability to use the Microsoft Suite including Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point programs.   These knowledge and skills are demonstrated through the ability of the incumbent to : Work under minimal supervision within established procedures, methods and standards; Provide direct supervision to one or more staff in a lead role as the vessel operator or DPIC; Use tactful thinking to address various personnel and customer service issues; and Implement management goals, strategies, policies, and resources allocation.   The listed knowledge and skills are typically achieved by individuals that have : A combination of four years of education and/or paid work experience in aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, business, criminal justice, geology or a related natural science; Accomplished diver with 100 or more SCUBA dives in cold water using a dry-suit and be comfortable in low visibility conditions,   Knowledge of diving regulations (WACs, CFRs) and industry standards related to commercial diving activities and life support equipment maintenance requirements.  Completed an accredited professional or commercial dive school or equivalent military dive training with a minimum of 10 logged dives within the last year. Supervised dive operations in the role of Dive Supervisor / Designated-Person-In-Charge (DPIC).  Dive supervisory experience should include dive team assignments, planning and operations, personnel training, record-keeping and equipment acquisition and repair. Attended manufacturer specific dive gear/support equipment repair certification courses and maintained dive equipment and associated records for an organization. Describe any additional position-specific key behaviors required to perform the essential functions described above: Demonstrates an attitude that safety and documentation are essential to the tasks getting accomplished.  Maintains confidentiality on fishery enforcement issues. Ability to work closely with co-workers on a vessel and maintain appropriate work relationships. Maintains distant but professional relationships with all members of the Geoduck industry and known associates.   DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of Department of Fish & Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Health regulations pertaining to the harvesting and transporting of shellfish. General working knowledge of Tribal Treaty Rights in Washington State as part of the "Boldt" and "Rafeedie" decisions. Knowledge of USCG regulations pertaining to navigation and a minimum of at least one-year experience operating a vessel in marine waters. General working knowledge of the state's Commercial Wild Stock Geoduck Fishery. Knowledge of scientific principles and biology of marine and freshwater invertebrates preferably with an emphasis in shellfish. Maintains a valid Class A - Commercial Driver's License; Ability to tow and operates or crews vessels for geoduck fishery compliance activities, diving operations and required maintenance. Background in contract administration. Knowledge and experience in photography/videography (land/underwater).   SPECIAL POSITION REQUIREMENTS AND WORKING CONDITIONS: Must pass annual dive physical exam (licensed physician with a board certification in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine). Must complete a minimum number of twelve (12) dives annually to maintain Dive Team status. Acquire and maintain a Class A – Commercial Driver's License (CDL); subject to random drug testing. This position has been identified as "safety sensitive" and the successful candidate is subject to pre-employment and reasonable suspicion drug testing. This position requires an employee to tow and operate a vessel as part of their job duties.  They must complete a DNR approved boater safety education course; complete a task book and pass a skills test within six months of employment. Employee must read, understand and adhere to the DNR Dive Safety Manual, policies, and operating procedures.  Diving operations may be conducted in low-visibility and haz-mat conditions. Dive Time is paid for at the rate of $10.00 per hour in addition to standard salary. The incumbent in this position is required to travel. Must have a valid driver's license and have two years of driving experience. This position requires driving as an essential function.  Employees who drive for state business, whether in a state or privately owned vehicle, are required to possess a valid license as defined in policy PO02-006 and abide by all other driver responsibility requirements. Supplemental Information WHO MAY APPLY This recruitment is open to anyone who meets the required qualifications for this position. Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com
Washington Department of Natural Resources Chehalis, WA, USA
Jan 05, 2019
Full time
POSITION PROFILE:   Working across the diverse landscapes of southwestern and eastern Washington, the Easement Land Manager works to authorize sustainable uses of DNR-managed lands. The Land Manager is part of a fourteen-member  team.  This position specializes in negotiating easements crossing state-owned aquatic lands (SOAL). SOAL includes tidelands and bedlands in marine areas, and shorelands and bedlands of larger rivers and lakes. Crossings may be aerial (such as power lines), subterranean (such as pipelines) or in between (such as bridges or outfalls.)  If you are interested in working with a broad range of businesses, governmental entities, and private individuals in 28 southwestern and eastern Washington counties, this could be the job for you. As part of the Rivers District team, you would be working with colleagues who have local-area, habitat, and technical expertise.   The primary responsibility of the Land Manager is to negotiate, prepare, and manage aquatic land use authorizations (easements, licenses, and/or leases) on behalf of the citizens of the state. The Land Manager is expected to become the subject matter expert on uses of SOAL for easements throughout the Rivers District.  Specific tasks include reviewing applications; determining ownership; calculating fees; reviewing property surveys; assembling contracts; coordinating with DNR environmental scientists and policy experts; ensuring compliance with contract terms; performing site inspections; and resolving unauthorized uses. Additional duties include conducting stakeholder outreach; developing and maintaining strong intergovernmental relationships; and providing information regarding department laws, policies, and guidance to the public and to other government entities pertaining to management of SOAL. The Land Manager must be able to work independently – planning, prioritizing, and coordinating his/her own workload, with guidance and support from the District Manager. This position is classified as supervisory and could be assigned to supervise a Land Technician (Natural Resources Technician 3) immediately or at a later date. Approximately 90% of the work is performed in an office environment and approximately 10% in the field. The ideal candidate will be a proven self-starter who: enjoys work that is non-routine, frequently complex, and always detail-oriented works well independently enjoys being part of a team, working with and learning from his/her colleagues at all levels is eager to become highly proficient in all aspects of the position, and welcomes feedback and coaching Qualifications REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Experience managing multiple complex tasks, setting workload priorities, and completing tasks on time.  Knowledge of and/or experience with contracts, business, or property management. Experience interpreting and implementing guidelines, regulations, and laws. Experience working with natural resource management/environmental protection issues. Demonstrated ability to provide good customer service. Experience negotiating contentious issues in a respectful, responsive, and informed manner. Demonstrated ability to speak and write clearly and succinctly, and use typical office software. Demonstrated ability to collaborate on internal and external issues in an actively respectful, cooperative, and professional manner.   DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: A Bachelor's Degree in natural resource management, real estate, forestry, science, engineering, land use or environmental planning, business or other relevant field; and two years of related professional work experience in one of the aforementioned specialties. Knowledge and understanding of land use authorizations (leases, easements, licenses, etc.) and other legal instruments associated with land management. Experience working for or with other resource agencies, tribes, or local governments. Knowledge of environmental permitting/regulatory processes and rules. Experience working in commodity industries (e.g., shellfish, minerals, timber, or agriculture). Experience using business management software and/or GIS. Experience with site analysis and/or sampling programs. Experience working on public access, recreation, or parks issues. Experience operating small motorboats.  SPECIAL POSITION REQUIREMENTS AND WORKING CONDITIONS   The incumbent in this position is required to travel. Must have a valid driver's license and have two years of driving experience. This position requires driving as an essential function.  Employees who drive for state business, whether in a state or privately-owned vehicle, are required to possess a valid license as defined in policy PO02-006 and abide by all other driver responsibility requirements.   Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of hire. Supplemental Information WHO MAY APPLY This recruitment is open to anyone who meets the required qualifications for this position. Remember to say you found this opportunity at EnvironmentalCareer.com