Canoe/At-Risk Assistant Instructor

  • Outward Bound
  • Ely, MN
  • Apr 18, 2017
Seasonal Communication/Public Outreach Natural Resources

Job Description

The Assistant Instructor position is an entry level instructional role, providing familiarity with Outward Bound procedures, policies, and the local course area.  The Assistant Instructor works under the direct supervision of the Instructor or Course Director and is responsible for supervising, teaching and facilitating students in the field throughout the course. Assistant instructors will be expected to work with youth-at-risk or other challenging youth population.

These individuals must be fast learners, resilient and flexible. They form the core of the new energy that is infused into the program and basecamp. It is rare to have the qualifications necessary to enter into Outward Bound as an AI. Much is expected of these happy few. Be prepared to move quickly and optimistically and at times with little information yet with the knowledge that the best outcome is possible.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participates in required staff training
  • Fully participates in course planning, including development of educational and technical curricula, route planning, food and equipment organization/packing
  • Assists Instructor in the delivery of Outward Bound mission, educational framework and required components
  • May be required to manage a student group and all emergencies in Instructor’s absence
  • Is able to locate and use communication systems in the event of an emergency
  • Adheres to all local operating procedures, safety policies and emergency procedures outlined in the staff handbook
  • Is able to provide clear, effective and timely communication with the Instructor, Course Director and other staff
  • Consistently strives to give and receive feedback with co-workers and supervisor
  • Demonstrates the ability to behave as a role model for students
  • Ability to articulate Outward Bound mission
  • Commits to own professional growth as well as improving technical and interpersonal skills

Knowledge and Skills

  • Adequate life experience to ensure professional and meaningful interactions, course quality and safety with both teenage and adult students.
  • Valid Driver’s License - must be 21 to be eligible to drive school vehicles.
  • Competently navigate with map & compass
  • Assess and choose safe route options through a wilderness setting
  • Have knowledge of backcountry hazards and weather patters
  • Assist Instructor in safely managing the group during travel
  • Demonstrates competency pertaining to: camping, backcountry cooking using stoves
  • Demonstrates proper used, care and repair of equipment
  • Teach- belay, rappel and rock climbing techniques
  • Verbalize management concerns and boundaries of a safe zone
  • Clear, independent and efficient writer.
  • Able to work 20+ days consecutively; some would be extended expeditionary travel
  • Experience with backpacking preferred.

Canoe Skills:

  • Tandem lake paddle under calm conditions
  • Perform paddle strokes from bow and stern
  • Rescue swimmers
  • Load canoe for expedition travel

Education and Work Experience

  • Field experience in outdoor education programs required – lengthy wilderness program experience preferred. 
  • Holds current certifications in WFR and CPR. Lifeguard/Wilderness Water Safety certification preferred but can be acquired by at program site.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to carry 40-70 lb. packs, portage 70 – 80 lb. canoes
  • Sufficiently physically fit in order to participate in all course activities and to perform in any  necessary emergency situation

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Receives per diem pay according to Field Staff payscale. Eligible for Pro Deal.