Assistant General Manager - Technical Services

  • Metropolitan Council
  • 390 Robert Street North, Saint Paul, MN, United States
  • Apr 01, 2017
Full time Environmental Science/Engineering Management Waste Management/Recycling Water Quality Watershed/Stormwater

Job Description


The Metropolitan Councils' Environmental Services is seeking an Assistant General Manager - Technical Services who is responsible for the overall administration, management, and operations of assigned programs setting appropriate vision and examples for the organization to assure that organizational goals and policies of the General Manager and executive team are achieved.  Programs include: Wastewater System Planning, Capital Program Development and Implementation, Engineering Programs, and Program Development.

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Examples of Duties

Assist General Manager in the administration, management, and operations of Environmental Services.

  • As a member of the Executive Team contribute expertise in the areas of strategic planning, policy development, and coordinated and consistent operation of Environmental Services Division.
  • Recommend strategies that optimize total cost and service value.
  • Recommend strategies that position the business to shape and capitalize on emerging customer needs.
  • Ensure business strategies, industry analysis, and business plans consider the future needs and developments currently emerging in the industry.
  • Ensure that efforts across functions, locations, and/or organizations are integrated and aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Translate the overall policy guidance from the Council and Regional Administration into ES strategies.
  • Recommend strategies that ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Provide leadership in contract negotiations, labor/management resolutions and grievance procedure.
  • Create an environment in which behavior and performance excellence is recognized.
  • Provide financial insights to the organization's financial plan and establish a financial strategy and budget that supports the MCES strategic goals and business plan.

Lead and manage assigned department and programs

  • Ensure that capital program and capital project delivery is consistent with and supports Thrive 2040, Water Resources Plan, and ES Strategic Plan.
  • Support operations and maintenance on asset management by providing technical assistance, contract procurement and administration, and engineering services.
  • Support MCES finance with respect to PFA loan usage, SAC criteria, financial scenario analysis, risk analysis, and cost/flow allocation.
  • Support council through wastewater system planning, community collaboration, and local plan reviews.
  • Develop and implement programs that are critical to long-term MCES success, including the inflow/infiltration Mitigation Program and a potential wastewater reuse program.

Direct and develop department staff to ensure work is completed according to Council policies and procedures, and MCES work instructions and standards.

  • Develop and implement efficient staffing levels and capabilities needed to meet department goals.
  • Hire employees, set performance expectations, monitor progress, and provide feedback, coaching, development, and discipline when appropriate.
  • Ensure compliance with work rules and contracts.
  • Promote an equitable, positive, and respectful work environment that values culture and diversity among all employees.
  • Provide staff roles and assignments that both leverage and develop people.
  • Identify successors for key positions, and arrange appropriate development opportunities for them.
  • Inspire other to define new opportunities and continuously improve the organization.
  • Provide measured and appropriate leadership in emergency situations.

Develop collaborative relationships with other divisions within the agency and with MCES customers and stakeholders.

  • Establish collaborative relationships and effective communications for efficient and effective capital project delivery.
  • Build collaboration on infrastructure preservation with transportation providers, public utilities, private utilities, and other stakeholders through coordinated planning and effective communication.
  • Implement inflow/infiltration Mitigation Program with customer communities through collaboration, education, communication, information, and incentives.
  • Deliver on the ES Customer Level of Service.

Develop and manage budget for assigned division that support council goals and plans.

  • Establish capital program and operating budget that supports Thrive 2040, Water Resources Policy Plan, and MCES strategic goals.
  • Support/promote internal collaboration among MCES departments to achieve efficient and effective facility asset management.
  • Integrate capital program strategies with MCES financial strategies and goals.
  • Identify and implement capital and operations/maintenance cost savings measures for capital project delivery.


Education: Bachelor's Degree in Planning Engineering or Related field.
Experience:  Ten years of progressive experience in engineering or public works for a city or regional agency including five years as a manager with supervisory and budget responsibilities.

Desired Qualifications:
Experience working in conjunction with elected officials on public utility policy development and implementation.
Experience with leading and managing multiple work groups
Master's Degree

Knowledge of:

  • Engineering principles and construction practices
  • Public utility planning and management practices
  • Financial management, including budget preparation and management and cost control
  • Contracting principles and administration

Skilled in:

  • Verbal and written communication in order to effectively communicate with Council members, elected officials, executives, staff, contractors, customers and stake holders
  • Building trust and cooperation across the organization and with customers and stakeholders


  • Lead inter-disicplinary teams of staff, engineers and contractors to successful completion of projects
  • Develop and implement strategies to achieve successful internal and external customer service
  • Decision making with limited information in a timely manner
  • Develop and mentor managers and staff and foster continuous improvement

Closing 4/7/2017 11:59 PM Central

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$109,595.20 - $159,494.41 Annually