Climate and Energy Internship (DC)

  • Greenpeace International
  • Washington, D.C., DC, United States
  • Mar 28, 2017
Flexible - Several Options Admin Assistant/Environmental Support Advocacy Climate Change/GHG Environmental Protection

Job Description

The Greenpeace Climate and Energy Team works to transition the nation toward a clean, renewable energy future while reducing the power of the most damaging actors in the fight to save our climate.

The C&E team is looking for candidates who are adept at and interested in expanding their abilities in open-ended research that will feed climate and energy campaign work. Along the way, interns can expect to learn about climate and energy issues as well as the political context impacting action on the issues.


The intern will provide assistance to the Climate and Energy Team on a number of investigations, analyze science and/or corporate reports, and compile and summarize information to be presented to campaign or field staff. The intern may also be asked to help manage information on websites, write blogs, and/or create maps or diagrams for investigations.


Most important is a demonstrable interest in learning and developing research and investigative skills that are most useful to the Climate and Energy Campaign. The ability to be self-organized, independent and flexible is important, although research coaching will be provided. Some experience with policy development, science, business, or legal disciplines may be helpful, but is not required. The skillset in this internship will be asking the right open-ended questions, finding relevant information to test those questions, and adjusting the research path as necessary.

Candidates should understand and believe in non-violent direct action, and understand Greenpeace’s approach to protecting people and the planet. All people of diverse backgrounds, experience and grassroots activists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job Level



Government- Federal