Environmental Specialist II - Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve Manager

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Lake Jackson, Tallahassee, Leon County, FL, United States
  • Mar 07, 2017
Full time Biology/Ecology Communication/Public Outreach Natural Resources Water Quality Watershed/Stormwater Wetlands/Coastlines/Floodplains

Job Description

This position provides a professional level of management of Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve (and possible assistance with others), including the daily administrative and operational tasks required to accomplish resource protection within Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve, including, but not limited to:

Developing and maintaining an inventory of the resources and their condition through field collection of samples, monitoring, sharing of data with other researchers and managers, and review of technical literature and databases. Cooperating with or assisting other researchers to maximize the research accomplished. Pursuing grants and other sources of funding or assistance to accomplish resource management needs. Operating and maintaining vehicles, vessels, field equipment and personal computers as required to accomplish these tasks.

Prepares a management plan for Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve, including seeking public input. Participates in planning or reviewing resource management goals and objectives at the central office, department, regional and statewide levels where appropriate, to ensure that site specific issues are addressed by higher level plans and vice versa. Attends and represents the Florida Coastal Office at various meetings, and makes presentations as needed to ensure that the public, and other agencies are aware of the site-specific issues and management objectives.  Provides technical assistance to departmental, regional or local permitting, planning or enforcement authorities to ensure that regulations are properly implemented, applied and enforced.

Conducts educational activities to better acquaint the general public and resource users with the natural resources and resource protection needs of the aquatic preserve. Activities include giving talks at classes, conducting interpretative field trips, answering phone calls and distributing available literature. Encourages volunteer efforts to assist with resource management needs.

Manages administrative tasks including tracking allocated funds, purchasing needed materials, and providing reports required by the central office, department, or granting agency.Ensures that office records and files are properly maintained.

Performs other tasks as required.

A bachelor's degree in the natural sciences or at least four years of natural resource management experience in planning and implementing research and resource management projects.

Knowledge, skills and abilities, including utilization of equipment, required for the position:

Knowledge of Florida's ecosystems and general ecological principles/processes.

Knowledge of terminology, principles and analytical techniques, and data collection and analysis procedures for the natural sciences;

Knowledge and experience in planning and implementing research and resource management projects;

Ability to conduct sampling and other accurate field activities, often from small boats or in the water in less than optimal conditions;

Ability to plan, prioritize, coordinate and execute multiple projects, often in collaboration with other agencies, contractors or volunteers;

Must meet the snorkeling / skin diving validation requirements in the DEP Underwater Operations Manual, and in DEP Directive 710 and DEP Snorkeling Policy;

Knowledge and skill in the use of computers and software programs utilized for word processing, spread sheet application and document design, including MS Office programs, and familiarity with ArcGIS;

Ability to understand and apply applicable environmental rules, regulations, policies, and procedures relating to environmental programs;

Ability to develop long-range management plans;

Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate work assignments;

Ability to safely operate and maintain vessels, vehicles, and field equipment;

Ability to deal with the public, coworkers, and supervisors in a tactful and courteous manner;

Ability to work independently with minimum supervision;

Ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing;

Ability to maintain a valid Driver’s License

Posting Closing Date: 03/21/2017 


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