Field Technicians - New Positions Available

  • SW Florida Water Mgt Dist
  • Tampa, Bartow & Sarasota, FL
  • Nov 25, 2016
Full time Biology/Ecology Natural Resources Water Quality Wetlands/Coastlines/Floodpains Watershed/Stormwater

Job Description

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District), a leader in protecting Florida's water resources, is seeking a Regulatory Field Technician to assist with technical work supporting permitting and compliance activities for the ­Resource Regulation Division. Field Technician's can be located in the Bartow, Brooksville, Sarasota, or Tampa service offices. Current openings are located in the Tampa, Bartow & Sarasota offices only. 

Positions will be filled based on the qualifications of the successful candidate. Starting pay depends on combination of education and years of related experience.

Field Technician 1- $13.14 hourly
Field Technician 2- $14.90 hourly
Field Technician 3- $15.87 hourly
Field Technician 4- $19.18 hourly

Applicants Accepted Until Positions Are Filled

Please ensure you verify and select what position levels, as well as what locations, you are interested in. Select all locations, as well as all levels (hourly rates), you are interested in. These questions are found in the Supplemental Questions section of the application.

Essential Functions
Conducts or assists with routine field investigations relating to Environmental Resource Permitting: Conducts construction, as-built and recertification inspections. Reviews approved plans and/or as-built drawings to verify construction is in accordance with approved design. Conducts site inspection to: document environmental features; note operation of related structures; record vegetative composition; and verify location, size, height and depth of retention/detention ponds, related conveyance parameters, filled areas, levees, pipes, canals, impervious areas, etc. Reviews the file of record to determine compliance with permit conditions. Inspects project sites to observe mitigation planting, water level, vegetative recruitment and maintenance. Notes discrepancies, if discovered, and drafts summary report and recommendations.

Conducts or assists with routine field investigations relating to Water Use Permitting: Observes and documents on-site activity and records data. Obtains information used to verify the requirements for a water use permit to record possible violations and to determine the appropriateness of renewing permits. Reviews water use permit conditions placed on existing permits, compares information to existing conditions and notes discrepancies. Conducts site inspections to verify compliance with permit conditions, installs withdrawal identification tags, and documents compliance status of permit conditions.

Conducts or assists with field and office work relating to Well Construction Permitting: Observes and documents well grouting and abandonment operations and notes discrepancies between observed activities, permit stipulations and proper procedures. Conducts random well inspections to verify proper construction methods. Reports and investigates well-construction related complaints. Completes and submits summary reports. Inspects public supply well sites: documents potential contamination sources and measures distances from the proposed well sites, examines project plans and compares them to proposed sites. Assists in coordinating site development and review with local agencies and the District's well construction permitting staff. Reviews and issues well construction permits.

Conducts or assists with field investigations of water-resource related complaints: Reviews complaint inquiries, contacts involved parties, and reviews related permit files. Conducts site inspections, documents activity, and completes report. Obtains other data (e.g., property owner information from the county property appraiser and aerial maps from the District), creates and updates a Water Management Information System (WMIS) compliance file, and submits it for review, along with supporting materials and recommendations.

Section support responsibilities: Answers questions from the public related to permitting and compliance matters. Assists applicants in completing permit applications. Responds to, or where appropriate, routes citizen's questions to applicable staff. The District plays a critical, emergency management role before, during and after major storm events and/or in conjunction with the overall emergency management strategy, operations and recovery for the State of Florida. The employee therefore may be required to perform duties as assigned before, during and after major storm events and emergency situations such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies. Such duties may include the employee's normal work functions, or other emergency support functions as determined necessary by the District. Participates in departmental projects and performs other duties as required.
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