Hazardous Waste Program

  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities
  • Fort Huachuca, AZ
  • Oct 21, 2016
Full time Environmental Science/Engineering Hazardous Waste / RCRA

Job Description

A research opportunity is available with the U.S Army Garrison Directorate of Public Works (DPW) located in Fort Huachuca, AZ. DPW is seeking a candidate with a Bachelors/Masters in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology, hazardous waste or similar. Exposure to Compliance, CWA, CAA, RCRA a plus.
Participant will contribute to regulatory driven data entry and operations of the 90 Day hazardous waste accumulation point. Participant will train directly with the Hazardous Waste program to gain technical competency in RCRA program and various aspects of requirements to run a hazardous waste collection facility. Participant will cross train in a wide variety of compliance programs to include those under the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Training provided in RCRA, HAZWOPER, OJT, EPA Method 9 Opacity. Vaccinations for hepatitis A/B and tetanus will be provided.

If you're interested, please apply here: https://www.pcrecruiter.net/pcrbin/reg5.aspx?i1=WEBGUEST&i2=187285556620363&i3=DETAIL&i4=187285556620363&i5=AEC%3d1429354638&i6=&i7=&i8=10%2f19%2f2016%201:40:22%20PM&hash=2064306236&i10=AEC-1429354638&pcr-id=Y%2fsjN0KCqOQE%2f6KmcEo16jttM0bHuxLYVDzQfelazgSModCGku1iW%2b9n4dY%2bJ094JlC6yXqoPNpVokDDX3Pyp8pTWnNEv6J07O4h%2fN8L3Q28x8rMBHapuhqoNdLbv%2fxAIEjnX4pFjh3qUYQ6pPiMgZn4uHhKtAkqZQ%3d%3d

Job Level

Entry-level, Mid-level, Intern (Paid)


Monthy stipend is based on experience and educational level

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