Forestry Technicians (Recreation) - 2 Wisconsin locations

  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Hayward Community, WI, United States
  • May 19, 2017
Temporary Communication/Public Outreach Forestry Law Enforcement

Job Description

The incumbent serves as a principal assistant on a Ranger District performing work in support of the unit’s recreation program. Responsible for implementing both annual and long-term work plans for developed and dispersed recreation sites (campgrounds, day use sites, recreation residences, etc.). Leads a team at the GS-4 level or below.

These positions are located in Region 9 on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in Hayward WI and Glidden WI.


Assists other resource personnel to develop long-range plans for managing recreation resources within management developed and dispersed recreation sites on the unit. Identifies potential problems arising from changing use patterns and new activities and recommends strategies to deal with them. Assists in the development of plans for recreation area maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and construction projects in accordance with program management objectives and policies. Participates in the development of the unit’s annual work plans.

Prepares detailed project work plans and schedules, including required personnel, equipment, and supplies for specific assignments. Recommends settings for a variety of proposed recreation facilities and provides information about the characteristics of each area. Assists in the implementation of recreation operation and maintenance plans for developed and dispersed recreation sites. Monitors the scope of the approved operating plans. 

Is the point of contact with community organizations and interest groups to generate interest in and use of forest recreation facilities. Involves the community in program and activities. Determines and recommends possible public involvement. Coordinates group visits with operational personnel and communicates schedules and requirements for logistical support. Recruits and trains volunteers. Serves as contracting officer’s representative (COR), determining when contracting is the best means to complete a project. Works with contracting personnel to describe the job and develop specifications and a bid package. Serves as inspector and contracting officer’s representative on service contracts, ensuring work is completed properly. Inspects recreation areas, areas of concentrated public use, and special use permits for compliance with the permit and management plans, public health regulations, and safety plans. As Collection Officer for recreation sites, collects fees, counts and reconciles money collected, and ensures deposits are made appropriately.

Assists with performing compliance checks and inspections on existing permits under Special-Use authorization. Assists with the enforcement of Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) restrictions, including maintenance and posting of regulatory signs and enforcement of restrictions. Patrols district roads, trails, and waterways to ensure that use is in accordance with recreation plans and regulations. Ensures District closure gates are opened and closed in accordance with the plan. Protects the scene of any incidents and relinquishes control to police or other law enforcement officials. Patrols management unit to collect use data, identify or correct unsafe conditions, answer visitor inquiries, prevent vandalism and other anti-social behavior, gather current information recreation opportunities, and prevent theft of Forest resources and their destruction resulting from carelessness with fire.

Assists in enforcing Federal Regulations and to protect life and property. Coordinates enforcement activities with local Forest Service law enforcement personnel. May inspect recreation residences documenting findings and contacting permittees to make sure they are complying with the terms of permits. Maintains developed sites, e.g., roadside and backcountry dispersed sites. Makes repairs, removes or replaces facilities, or closes areas of facilities when hazards cannot be promptly eliminated. Maintains District recreation facilities such as toilets, road closure gates, hand pumps, water systems, picnic tables, fire rings, barriers, dumpsters, and other miscellaneous structures. Where applicable, maintains and assists in the renovation of Recreation Rental Cabins. Prepare annual updates of work needed and cost to bring site conditions and operation up to full standard.   Naturalizes sites where necessary in order to control use and prevent resource damage. 

NOTE: This position serves as a Forest Protection Officer, and as such, candidates must complete a background investigation to check for criminal history. The U.S. Government is authorized to ask for this information under E.O. 10677 and section 3301, of Title 5 of the U.S. Code; and parts 5, 731, and 736 of Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations.

Leads a team of employees performing work up to the GS-04 level. Responsible for identifying, distributing, and balancing the workload and tasks among employees in accordance with established workflow and skill level. Monitors and reports on the status and progress of work. Instructs employees in specific tasks and job techniques and provides on the job training to new employees. Answers questions on procedures, policies, and directives and obtains needed information or decisions from supervisor on problems that occur. Checks on work in progress.

Closes Thursday 5/25/2017

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$17.54/hour. Series & Grade GS-0462-06.

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